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weight up/down Always Equal relative BF-Need Expert Help

5’10" / 170lb / 16%bf
Started lifting around 3yrs ago. Lift 3days/wk (1lower body/2upper). Lower body very strong; upper body average.
45min-1hour sessions (typically 6-10reps to or near failure).
I eat pretty good, and have a pretty easy time gaining or loosing weight.
I get between 130-170gProtein daily.

PROBLEM: when I try to gain or loose weight (goal to up muscle & loose fat), I always end up with the same approximate bodyfat%. per pound weight.
When I gain the bf% ups ~1/2 muscle,1/2 fat; and when I loose it drops ~1/2muscle,1/2fat.
I’ve tried massing slower & faster, with/without creatine. I’ve dieted through cardio only, cal restriction. All the same. The past couple of weeks I did the Tdawg/Atkins hoping to melt only fat; but had the exact same results.

Example: 6months ago I was 170 16%bf, massed to 180 18%bf, then cut with Tdawg right back to 170 16%bf.

Would love to be 180 14%, but no chance ever at this rate.

Let’s look at the workouts you did while dieting, as well as your average daily menu, with macronutrient breakdown.

What do you use to measure your bodyfat? I’ve noticed very similar results to your’s whenever I’ve stepped on my Tanita scale, but my skin fold calipers will continually show my bodyfat decreasing or increasing. In fact, when I bulked up last winter the Tanita had me at 15-18%/calipers had me at 11-12%; now that I’m dieting the Tanita has me at 20-22%/calipers at 7-8%.

I have the same problem. I’ve been training for six years and ever since going on a huge bulking phase and then dieting, it seems that whenever I try to gain or lose, my bf stays the same. I eat EXTREMELY clean and eat 16X BW when bulking and 12X BW while dieting keeping approximately 40-30-30 macro with most of my carbs coming from fruit/oats/dextrose and fats coming from eggs, olive oil, flax oil, fish oil/nat. peanut butter. Any ideas?