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Weight Training Workouts?

Alright so I’m 16 years of age, currently attend high school and I was wondering what workouts work best for gaining muscle mass. I’m a somewhat toned guy, but I need a little more weight on me, ya know? Post the workouts that have worked well in the past for you, or any other popular workouts.

the one thing i wish someone had told me when i was 16: you don’t build muscle in the gym, you build it in the kitchen.

eat up.

as for programs, something simple like starting strength or a legs/push/pull split would be fine. lift heavy, eat big, sleep hard.

what curt said and just run a proven program

First off like Curt said, “eat big”, but make sure over that, that you’re getting at least 2x your body weight in grams of protein and not just 400 grams of carbs. If you want to make this a full on bulk I’d advise finding out your calorie expenditure then eat about 300-700 calories over it.
Here is what I would do.
Start with DC training and use it for 1 1/2 months to 2 months. This will get your body acquainted to and comfortable with low volume.

After that shock your muscles with volume and use German Volume Training for 4-6 weeks.
Finally you’ll want to finish it off with a strength cycle and I’d use Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1.
After that you’ll have a good amount more experience and a good amount more mass and strength. Either repeat this or use your new experience to decide what to do next.
Good luck!

I ould agree with E99 Curt most of all. Jayk has some good points on diet but I completely disagree with his program recommendation–that program rotation would probably woek well for somebody at intermediate stage (aka at least 1-2 years lifting both hard and consistently) but you need more than 2 months on each program to reap the benefits of dc and 5/3/1.

He is spot on about using a proven program instead of trying to make your own however. Start on westside for skinny bastards part 2 or 3 is my personal favorite right now for someone in your position and age. It is also possible to search and use a beginners westside barbell routine that is written out for you already. Neither of those are “bodybuilding” programs but they will both get you big and strong. But IF and ONLY if you eat enough…every.single.day. For months on end. Nutrition is key here–guys always fail at gaining weight because they dont want to eat enough–it’s hard work. It’s not fun. But it works.

I’ll say it again–you dont get stronger in the gym: you break yourself down in the gym. You get bigger and stronger in the kitchen, and on your days off recovering.

[quote]LeanMachine14 wrote:
Alright so I’m 16 years of age, currently attend high school and I was wondering what workouts work best for gaining muscle mass.[/quote]
Mon., Wed., and Fri.
Squat 2x15 (No weight, keep both feet flat on the floor.)
Push-up 2x15 (On your toes, go until the chest almost touches the floor.)
Lunge 2x15 (Alternate legs, 1 rep left/1 rep right.)
Neutral-grip pull-up 2x15 (assisted if necessary. Could be substituted with inverted rows.)
Plank 2x15-count (Hold the top part of a push-up, on the toes, arms straight, keep the whole body straight. Count to 15.)
Burpee/squat thrust 2x15

As soon as that workout is “easy” (could take one week, could take six weeks, doesn’t matter), there are any number of free weight-focused programs you can start on.

Building a foundation with bodyweight exercise will build conditioning and strength while helping to prevent any future injuries. Even if you have some experience with weights, I’d just on this plan for a week or so, just to see where you stack up.

So you’re looking to gain size. No problem. As others said, that has to do with what you eat, not so much how you train.

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?