Weight Training With Screws/Plates in Arm

Has anyone out there ever gotten metal screws and/or plates put in the body for bone repair and still been able to work out successfully? I have a broken arm (spiral fracture of the humerus) and am probably going to get surgery using screws and a plate to put the bone back in place.

I was given the option to let it heal on it’s own too, but several people are recommending the surgery route. I am all for it if it heals faster, I just want to make sure I can still work out the same after.

I saw some article on another site about a guy getting uncomfortable swelling where the plate is every time he gets pumped from a workout (his wrist I think) and I am hoping it is not a common experience. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated…

Man being all that showed up on the forum was “Weight training after getting screw” I certainly thought this was going to be a different…slightly odd question lol.

Sorry though I do have any experience with that, broken humerus that’s gotta hurt, how’d ya do it?

I always have less energy in the gym if I have been screwed right before.

I have bolt/washer in my left shin area - causes me absolutely no problems with lifting. Hurts like hell if I bump into anything even remotely hard with it though.

I have to two clients and other friends that all have screws, rods and/or plates (from motocross) and they all feel them years after the surgery. Some more than others but all of them notice it one way or another.

I’m a big believer in natural healing of a broken bone. I had a rod in my elbow but it was temporary and was removed. I know my humerus where it broke is much stronger in that area than it was before the break due to the regrowth and fill-in part of the healing process.

I’d skip the plates if possible but I’m just a guy on the internet, not an osteopath.