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Weight Training Style


Alright first off let me say that I see a lot of articles for guys trying to gain weight but what about losing and gaining weight at the same time.

See, I am 6'1 and 334 pounds. I've always had big legs and structure in general but am still way fat.

In college I weight lifted but never got past 200 on bench because I did nothing BUT lift, no protien shakes and not 100% healthy eating. A year after I left college it was 7-06-06 and I was about 360ish? Fat, could not breeth while laying on my back, huffing up stairs and just hated my self. My girlfriend loved me enought o stay but even she was very upset at what I had become.

So I joined the gym and have been going for a year now. I do SOME cardio but am totaly 100% motivated by lifting heavy weights. I do the whole protein shake and get most of it from that but also chicken, tuna, eggs and yougurt. Hate beef and pork.

So here I am... My max bench is between 305 and 315. My squats are only 225 but I am going to get better at that/ I still have flab, some loose skin which I am paranoid of.


I have tried a cycle of Tren Extreme and was wondering if there is something I could purchase thats better?

What are the two best ways to work back delts?

I find that I am way too tired after flat bench to liftheavy on my decline and incline bench, am I ok to lift say 135 pounds on that and do maybe 3 sets of 8 for muscle endurance?

I do upper body bench/tricep/bicep on monday, on friday I want to do it again but use less weight and work on endurance, ( is this ok )

Thank you in advance and please note that my year at 24 hour (same club) I do share stuff I know with new people and help them out. If you are in Beaverton Oregon and go there you would know who I am :).


Is your goal to stay around 334 pounds while building muscle and losing fat? Or do you want to lose fat faster than you gain muscle so your bodyweight drops?

Also, post more details of your workouts - what exercises you do each day. You don't menton anything about working the back, glutes and hamstrings. Are you doing deadlifts, rows, pullups/pulldowns etc?

For the rear delts good exercises are overhead pressing, rear delt raises (chest-supported, bentover or machine), and rows.


Honestly I would not mind if I weighed 500 pounds, I just don't want as much body fat, the loose skin is anoying thus why I feel supported in my decision to lift to loose fat versus just running or jogging.

I do, do some cardio.

My compound movements get the most weight..

Now about the rear delts. What I am doing now for them is bending over and lifting the long bar with no chest support. I can't see having chest support while using the long bar...


Really almost any program should work for you as long as you keep getting stronger, especially in the squat. But some programs are more oriented towards improving body composition than others. I'll just name two...

You could try Charles Staley's EDT program - he's got a few articles about it here. I just started it last week. It includes a lot of lifting while fatigued so it's good for your work capacity. Probably also great for your willpower.

Christian Thibaudeau has a program in his "Refined Physique Transformation" article which mixes heavy lifting days (to maintain or gain muscle) with lactate-inducing lifting (to burn fat). That could be another good option.

OK - that's a bentover row. Mostly an upper/mid back exercise but also works the biceps and rear delts. Just FYI, chest-supported rows are usually done with a cambered bar:


Of course nice full rear delts won't burn fat like huge calorie-hungry glutes, hamstrings and quads will...


You know all thru college I did squats... For some oDd reason I sorta stopped when I started 24 hour, ( only doing them a few times ) but I also noticed I stoped losing fat so I'm back to doing them and refuse to ever stop. I prefer squats over the leg press just because I feel I get a better work out.

I guess I need to head over to the suplements forum and ask a question about what ones I should be taking.

Thank you VERY much for the link, I'm heading there right now!!