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Weight Training on WESTPAC


I will be leaving for the gulf in Feb. for my 6 month cruise on the USS Pelilue. and was wondering if there was any body whose done a proir cruise? And any advice on nutrition, and training. so far it's been pretty difficult getting enough sleep, and the food sucks, also any kind of powerlifting is difficult with the ship swaying from side to side. Any advice would be great.


I know some people going out there. Have you done any workups? Do you know what's already available on the pelileu? If you're just going straight to the dirt, I know they have a decent gym there. As far as food, I'm pretty sure the boat just has the standard chow hall grub. You can probably get some protein powder somewhere.


I have done a couple of cruises before. I was on a ship out of Saebo, Japan. Stock-up on supplements such as a mulit-vitamin, protien powder and protien bars before deployment. I was on a LPD. At first the gym was useful, but was old. Just before I left the ship our dept head, whom was the MWR officer spent over 15,000 on the new gym. We got a squat rack, a few benches, adjustable benches and a few other goodies.

I did find it hard to train once in a while, especially going to Korea. The water near there is rough during the winter. About a week before you come back from deployement you will find people in the weight room, that you have never seen before, and once you get to your homeport, you will never see these people in the gym. We use to call these guys "weekend Arnolds". If you go to Austrila and Thailand you might be able to work out at their gyms for free.


Time to become good friends with the "Mess Specialists".Since they are in control of all the food it would be good to have someone on the inside.I went through two "Med Cruises" myself and it can be a real pain getting used to a new routine for just about everthing.
I spent four years on the Inchon LPH-12.We had Marines on board when we went on deployment so that meant no food,hot water,and weight room!
Time to get back to the basics.Pushups,pullups,dips,lunges and whatever else you can use your body for isnt gonna hurt a thing.

Good Luck!


We had Navy and Marine hours in the weight room.


I was om the New Orleans on the 31st MUE out of Japan. I would only recommend doing hypertrophy work. If you can get away w/ powerlifts do them very lightly for more reps so not to hurt yourself. How long are you going to be on float? I would also recommend supplementing pylometrics for your assistance work. Bring your own supplements, like protien and vitamins.

I hated when I would try to take a weight on bench and the ship would hit a swell and 225 became 425. Nice. I did get alot bigger on ship then before though because if we weren't training I was eating or sleeping. My workout partner got stuck on mess duty and he would hook me up at mid-rats. Good luck, becareful.