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Weight Training On a Caloric Deficit


Just an issue i'm facing with my training that i think you guys (and gals) might be able to help me with. I'll be cutting for 6-7 weeks to get as lean as genetically possible (in that time) and don't know whether to approach the gym Arnold style (Massive type of volume, some times even 2x day) or low volume so i don't promote catabolism.


Need more information. What kind of deficit? Age weight and bf% play a role in this, too. What will you macro breakdown look like? Essentially, you're sapping one energy source when you start eating in a calorie deficit, too low and you won't lose noticeable weight, too high and you lose muscle and look skinny fat.


18, ~10%bf, 180 pounds. I'll be doing the Get Shredded Diet (link below). The diet checks out I was concerned that I don't know what approach I should be taking with weight training to go along with it.



Train how you normally would.
There is no reason to change your training, unless you want to change it.


Just remember what energy system you're working in. An increase in volume can be a good thing for fat loss: more reps performed=more contractions= more calories burned.

On the other hands, go too hard for too long and cortisol levels are spiked, especially when calories are low.

Whichever modality you choose, I'd recommend keeping sessions under and hour in the gym, also bcaas during the workout if you don't already


I'd say cut volume before intensity. But, you're going to have to reduce something at some point. I agree you don't necessarily have to change your program, but you may have to shave some weight, sets, etc. to make it work.


Sort of doing the get shredded diet myself however I modified it a bit becuase I found when cals are to low you stop loosing fat and burn muscle or weight loss stals. I got some pretty solid advice from some guys here and after I made the switch I was consitantly able to drop 1-2lbs per week and about 1-2% per month. Sounds slow I know but its much easier and painless then the get shreed diet in nature. Heres whats been working for me.

Cals create a 1000 cal deficit daily M-SA
Macros 50% Protien 5% carbs the rest fat ( I follow the anabolic diet so I keep carbs at 30-40g) This may not work for you
Sunday carb up anything goes but cleaner is better

Training M-SA
45min SS cardio mornings before breakfast
Afternoon Weights 45min

Its pretty simple but I have been able to get bigger & leaner with this method


Yeah I'm pretty sure by the 5th/6th week I wont even be able to do same weights/ sets.
As far as doing the same program I've actually timed it so i finish I,Bodybuilder as i start cutting. I was thinking a simple 5 day split along the lines of Chest Tris, Back Bis, Legs, Shoulders ect. And sets/ reps doing traditional hypertrophy 3x8-12 (This has worked well in the past) also I,Bodybuilder is predominately lower reps so I feel my body will be primed for this type of lifting.