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weight training/nutritional books

Hey fellas,
I’m pretty new to weight lifting / nutrition (about 1 months very seriously)and I really like it and try to read everything I can get my hands on (especially T-MAG)! In regards to any good books out there on any subject related to weight training and/or nutrition, I’d be curious as to what you guys would recommend! I hate buying books without a good recommendation and trust all of your opinions. Thanks again for your feedback!

aschy: Spend your money on a few packs of copier paper, a hole punch and a notebook or two. All the info you need to get on the right track is right here…and just a mouse click away!

This site goes from beginning (“The Dawg School”, “The Diet Manifesto”, “The Missing Ingredient”, and “The Beginner’s Blast Off Program” to Intermediate to the more advanced. On top of all that, everyone on the “Forum” is willing to answer your questions…but I better give you a warning: 1)Make SURE you’ve searched on the site for your answer FIRST and 2) Make sure you reference the article you may have a question about.

Good luck!

I don’t know, I still find myself thumbing through Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding every so often. I can’t figure out if it’s seeing all the “old timers” again or the great pics that outline the form of each exercise…

I hate to admit it though Body For Life is a Great book for Beginners… By Bill Phillips

Nutrition- Natural Hormonal Enhancement by Rob Faigin is great,with one caveat- ignore his negative comments about post workout carbs (the research shows carbs+protein is more effective than protein alone after a workout,I know of no evidence suggesting fat is crucial right after a w/o).After a w/o is the BEST time to take in a shitload of carbs!
I am real fond of paleolithic-style nutrition,with a few tweaks it works great for athletes, see ‘Neanderthin’ by Ray Audette and ‘The Paleo Diet’ by Loren Cordain. `Nutrition and Physical Degeneration’ by Weston A Price if you can get hold of a copy. The Weston A Price website has a book review section, with some interesting write-ups on ‘The Zone’ and ‘Eat Right For Your Type’ diets!
Training- The Poliquin Principles,Supertraining,Science and Practice of Strength Training,etc,etc,Big Beyond Belief by Leo Costa (if you are young with good recovery ability).
There is also a shitload of good info on the net(testosterone,elitefitnessysytems,beyondveg.com,mercola.com,weston a price foundation etc,etc)

I agree with fitone. Body-for-LIFE, though it does have it’s drawbacks and limitations, is a great program for those just starting out. Even if you don’t follow the program, I think it’s still worth a read, just for the information presented in it. Although most of it is dumbed down the very basic level (so as to be accessible to the masses), it’s still got sound advice on what the eat, how often, etc; as well as other information that a lot of new people may not know.

Just an warning: Body-for-LIFE tends to make people very preachy. While it is a good source of information, there is always more to be learned. Nothing in the book is the “absolute” and final truth…but it is presented as such. Take it for what it is, get what you can get from the book and the program, and then take the next step. T-Mag programs.

There’s a T-Mag article called Feed Your Head. It’s got all the books the authors like. For anybody (new guys or veterans) get Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik. Even if you don’t want to train like he says, get it for all the motivational stuff. Anything by Ironmind is good too, especially Super Squats.

The books you metioned are great but they might be too much for a begginer… Start with BFL then read the books that boombam metention. T

Read Ian King’s get buffed, and I would suggest his 6 phase program that he designed for mens health. Also read appetite for construction, performance nutrition, t-dawg diet and the new supplement pyramid. ( all in previous issues of t-mag. Good Luck!

The articel “Feed Your Head” has eaten most of my last salary :frowning:
So far I have read Beyond Brawn by Stuart McRoberts and think it´s an exelent book for a beginner.

Hi guy. Super Squats is all you need for the first six months. Squat, row, bench and eat a lot. If you really push it, your buds will swear you’re on roids. Also, mufasa is dead on about this site. Everything you could ever need is here – but do Super Squats first. you need to build a base.