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Weight Training--NO WEIGHTS!?

Here’s the problem: I’m about to deploy to a location in the desert with no weights at all. I don’t want to stop training with weights, but it looks like I don’t have a choice for the next 6 months. So, I was wondering if any of you guys knew of any improvised weight-free workouts that I could still load on some mass, or at least maintain where I’m at so I don’t lose what I have.

Aside from the general Puh-up/Pullup/Abdominal work, check out the following articles:

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Renegade Training Pay Special attention to the GPP section

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Hope that Helps,


Also ‘death by bodyweight’ by Ian King. Also at T-mag.

I’d say go Pavel style. Tsatsouline specializes in training the military for their rigorous and dangerous jobs, with minimal equipment. Try to buy some Kettlebells if you can, I know the military gets an awesome discount. Pavel had an article in Muscle Media a year or so ago about training military style with no equipment, using one legged squats (pistols), and one handed pushups. Comebine those movements with a traditional kettlebell workout, with snatches, cleans, swings, presses, etc., and there is no reason why you should not be able to continue making progress.

There must be plenty heavy objects to lift where you are. Improvise. Handstand push-ups, stactic contaction curls against 2 1/2 ton front bumpers. What kind of unit are you in?
Best of Luck.

hand stand push ups (in 6 months you will probably be able to do them with out the wall), try walking on your hands for distance too always gives my shoudlers a massive pump, explosive push ups, chinups

1 legged squats, glute ham raises, plyometrics, wall sits.

In 6 months you could probably come up with many exercises of your own. if you do make sure you tell us