Weight Training for Wrestlers?

I am a High school wrestler who has to make weight every wrestling season. I wrestle in the 215 pound weight class and do not wish to go up another weight class because that would mean wrestling up 60 lbs to the next weight class. I have 8 months till next season, and I was wondering if anyone could recomend a program that would help me shed unwanted fat quickly, and another program that would focus mainly on strength and that would be wrestling specific. I currently weigh 217 lbs with somewhere between 15 and 20 percent body fat. At the begining of the wrestling season I had 202 lbs of lean body mass, but after 3 months of having to constantly cut weight I think that number has dropped to somewhere between 190 and 200lbs. My target weight for next wrestling season is 205 lbs at 7% bodyfat. I haven’t lifted seriously in three months, and prior to that I was doing a program similar to the Big Three Program for football. Any sugestions?

west side, and the dont diet.

Being a former wrestler, I think that any program that incorporates the basic lifts: Deads, Squats, Bench, and overhead pressing or Shrugs, would be beneficial. Try the antibodybuilding Hypertrophy Program for strength, and try the Fat Fast Program for cutting. Both can be found by doing a search on this site.

If you want to shed fat it has a lot to do with diet. Look at the previous issues of t-mag, if you are lacking knowledge in the area. You may want to search “foods that make you look good nekid” or any of berardi 's articles. Also look at the frequently asked questions section on the main page, it answers many of your questions. If you are looking for a specific diet I would suggest either “T-dawg v2.0” or the “Don’t Diet” I am not sure about sport specific wrestling workouts, but I would stick to heavy compound movements(squat,bench,dead) and explosive movents(oly lifts or lighter compound movements done for speed) Sprinting and interval running also helps alot, check out CT’s “Running Man” article.

If you want to get in shape for wrestling then you need to correspond with Coach Ethan Reeve from Wake Forest University. He is the best at physically preparing wrestlers, trust me! If you are interested, PM me and I can pass on to you his email address and contact number.

Focus on heavy exercises (bench, dips, rows, chins, deadlifts, squats) and olympic lifts - high weight, low reps. Next fall, Chad Waterbury’s OSC will get you the conditioning you need.

oh yes wretlers are my favorite of all my athletes i work with…they always bust there ass for me and listen and work hard…if there were enough wrestlers to go around i would love to open a s&c training center just for wrestlers that would be my dream job lol…no with a 8 months to go until next season i would put you on a off season conjugate westside tier created by joe kenn the strength coach at arizona state…i have modified to off season tier for wreslters and it has worked great for all of them in fact i have a 120 pounder benching 330…they train with weights 3 times and do 2 gpp-strongman sessions a week…if you need any help and out interested pm me…big m