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Weight Training for Sprinting


Hi guys,

I wasn't really sure what forum to put this in. Basically I sprint 3 x pwk but I'm unsure what kind of weights routine I should be supplementing this with. Several issues really- I know that squatting, DLing etc are going to be essential for me, but fitting them in without hampering my sprinting recovery or performance is a problem. I see a lot of programs recommending full-body type weights programs, ones with explosive lifts like cleans, snatches etc, so I'm just a little lost in the literature. If say I had a weekly layout like this, how would you do things?

Weights A
Weights B
Weights C


Check out Joe Defranco's stuff over at his site. He has a ton of stuff for athletes.


x2 .. I doubt you will be able to get help here because this forum doesn't deal with those things.. maybe try posting in the conditioning forum and like ebomb said.. check out Defranco's stuff


snatch grip deadlift poliquin has used it for nearly every single olympic medalist hes trained. gets you off the blocks quicker. front FULL squats too


This thread is probably a good place to start:



Check out Clyde Hart's (Michael Johnson's and Jeremy Wariner's coach) or Charlie Francis's (Ben Johnson's coach) stuff.

DeFranco is a good resource, but I haven't heard of one sprinter he's trained.

Again, this is a bodybuilding forum; so you're not gonna get much applicable, if any, information.


What level are you competing at?

Not all great sprinters squatted and deadlifted. Michael Johnson and Carl Lewis did not squat or deadlift, and Carl Lewis hardly lifted.

Maybe they will help. But most athletes don't need ridiculous stength in the weight room, nor are O lifts necessary or magical either. Aim for some normal shit like 2 x bodyweight squat, 2-2.5 bodyweight deadlift, and 1.5 x bodyweight bench press and focus on your sport!


This might point you in the right direction.



You should have probably put this in the conditioning section.

Get a copy of Charlie Francis Training System, which should give you a good background on training for sprinting. I think his forum is still up too, not sure though. Read what some of the guys there are doing. Look for the ideas of other SPRINTERS' coaches.

Don't forget your weights need to complement your sprinting. For example: If your doing longer sprints [Max Speed, Speed Endurance] keep things like saving your hamstrings for sprints in mind when figuring out your lower body lifts. Also keep this in mind when figuring out when to lift. A lot of sprinters will do all of their weights, or at least their lower body weights the same day as sprints, to give themselves a day of rest at least. Something to think about--find out what works for you.


I have Michael Johnson's book. I believe he mentions 500lb x 2 for a set of squats.

You need strong quads for the start.

A guy who trained a OL 100m medalist posted an article here last year.

He used something something along the lines of an OL style deadlift in max range,
and glute hams from memory. But that was to address specific weaknesses.

I believe Bolt has done a lot hyper extension - (i.e. back raises over a long period of time).

Gen - a progression might look deads (of some kind) , squats as the season approaches to peak.


Sled pulls / pushing.

I'm no sprinter but even after a handful of sessions I can feel the increase in acceleration!