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Weight Training for Sprint Swimmers


I am 19 years and i am sprint swimmer. Recently i was very sick and i lost a lot of my strength and my muscle mass (about 9KG for 2 months).

Now i have to start from 0 again and i have a competition next month.

Can i have some advices how to work and what to gain muscle mass and explosive strength but not loosing speed.

I swim 50m freestyle and butterfly, 100m freestyle.

Thanks for advices:D

I’d grab a workout that has a focus on leg development which is where a lot of sprinters need their strength(former swimmer here).

Besides that…just get in the pool.

PS You don’t lose much muscle over a 2 month period, unless you let your diet go to shit. You may feel deflated from laying around for 2 months, but that muscle is still there.

Thanks for help.

I fell a lot deflated but i can still sprint but not as good as i could and i did not add fat just got thinner, lighter and weaker(lol)and I cant pull as I used to.

I don’t know what to do at the gym should i do more free wight or do more things in machines and how much weight should i carry (with percentages from my max strength like 30%, 50%) and the tempo.

I am looking for a come back next month in competition cause I’m going to swim for my representation.


do a lot of back work for butterfly 50m of that used to be my race

OK thanks.

Should i separate sessions like one day upper body one day lower boddy.

if yes what should i do then,

Do a search for “Westside for Skinny Bastards” by Joe Defranco. That should give you a good starting point.