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Weight Training For Soccer Player?

Age: 21
Wt: 170
Bf%: 12-13%
Height: 5’11’’

I played soccer in high school but stopped once I went to college. I’ve gone 3 years without playing competitively. In that time I lifted weights on and off for 2 years (didnt really know what I was doing) but the last year I lifted consistantly and learned quite alot from this site and others. This summer im training with more of an emphasis on improving speed/strength/agility specifically for soccer which I will be playing next year for my college team. This is my current routine:


Squats (powerlifting style) 2 x 5
Split Squats (1 leg elevated) 1-2 x 10
posterior core movement 2 x 10-20reps
heavy abs 2 x 20
hips 2 x 20-25 reps (1 set Adductor, 1 set Abductor)
Calves 3 x 6-8


HIIT Cardio 10-15 mins


flat bench 2 x 6
flat DB press 2 x 8-12 reps
tricep push downs 2 x 8
db side laterals 1-2 x 10reps
db front raises 1-2 x 10reps
pull-a-parts 1-2 x 20reps
external rotations 1-2 x 8reps


HIIT Cardio (10-15mins)


Dead lifts 2 x 5
2 posterior core movements 2 x 10-20reps
heavy abs 2 x 10-15reps
bent-over bb rows 2 x 4-8reps
Pullups 2 x 4-8reps
Standing curls 2 x 8-12 reps (or your favorite curl here)
hammer curls or reverse curls 2 x 8-12reps
Calves 4x12

The HIIT cardio is to attempt to get me back into cardiovascular shape which I am NOT in right now. Also im attempting to become a bit leaner while retaining my strength. I’ve had some injuries (lower back from pulling, right foot/ankle from soccer, right quad from sprinting).

The lower back and ankle or mostly healed up but I just pulled my quad last week so im taking time off from all-out sprints for a short while then i’ll come back with longer distance sprints (400m) to get my cardio up without stressing the quad as much as shorter all-out sprints might do.

My diet is in check and breaks down to about 50% protein , 35% fat , 15% carbs. with refeeds every 3rd day to keep the thyroid/leptin levels happy.

Basically im wondering if this lifting routine looks good for a soccer player or if there is anything I should add/substract. Thanks!!

Dont ask if it looks good for a soccer player? Ask if it looks good for you and how you move. your training plan should address your weaknesses as an athlete. Remember the physiological requirements for playing soccer will never change…you will. Your training has to keep up to!

So many people talk sports specific…it should be SBN (specific body needs training) Sports specific is such a shit way to describe training.

Tread carefully!

Dan Fichter