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Weight Training for Rugby

Hey Guys,

So I’m looking to get back into rugby again this coming Fall for the collegiate season. I am a 270lb, 6’2
prop/lock position. I played all through high school, club and was a starter as a walk on for my college team and I would consider myself a B level player lol. Anyways long story short, I played one full season and after my second semester I battled a tough depression and quit sports and lifting all together. Ive gained considerable weight being that I was 220 during in season and now I’m 50lbs heavier. I wanna prepare for the next college season come fall so what would anyone recommend program wise?? I’m looking to drop fat, get my strength back and up my conditioning level. I was stuck between WSFSB or Wendler 531??

does anyone have any thoughts, ideas, etc??

Fellow prop here. Look up the young jim wendler 531 article on here. Throw in plenty of conditioning and prowler work.

unfortunately my college doesn’t have prowlers…so what could I substitute???

Ask coach about equipment. Surely there’s plenty of stuff between rugby, football and other sports e.g. scrum sleds.

Put together $100 bucks for a mini sled, ask the gym to purchase one or do casual visits at a gym with access to one. Hell just DIY that shit and rig up a harness tie, some plates onto it and drag it around everywhere.

Failing that may as well go big or go home:

X2 this. Not sure where you live, but you can buy a prowler for a reasonable amount of money and just load it up with sand bags