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Weight Training for PFT

I am new to the whole working out thing, but have decided I want to try to get into a service academy (the Air Force Academy). The CFA (Candidate Fitness Assessment) that is required and scored to be factored into admissions can be found by going to

(Starts on page 10) It is basically pushups, cadence pullups, a run, shuttle run, and situps, all timed. What would be a good lifting program to get in shape for this type of test over the next one and a half years. I would like to score at least the average on all the excersises.

Hmm, not entirely sure. I might suggest just lifting weights for a year while incorporating the tested items into your training however you like.

As you get closer to the date, put more emphasis on the tested components. Maybe someone with more expertise will come along and offer something useful.

Sorry, but couldn’t get the link to work.

  1. I really suggest NOT aiming for average scores. Look at getting 90%, especially if you have a year for prep.

  2. What is your current fitness level / experience? Have you tried testing yourself against these criteria? Where do you need to improve the most?

  3. A blanket running plan would be 3 runs per week. A long, slow run (up to 1 hour), a medium paced run (30 mins) and one interval session (begin at 6 x 100m).

  4. Strength events. Do the event first, eg. do (50?) pushups, THEN go into additional weight training for that muscle group (bench press/ military press/ tricep press down)

  5. Incorporate compond moves into your workouts. Ensure you weight train 3x per week on SEPERATE days to your running.

  6. Post back to this forum with comments/ questions and progress.

Well done that man for volenteering.

I recommend doing those specific exercises to get better at them.