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Weight Training for Muay Thai


Hey CT

What kind of strength program would you recommend whilst training Muay Thai 5-6 days a week?

I'm not fighting just yet as I'm waiting until I have a bit more experience. I'm just wondering what type of program I should be doing purely to increase my performance at Muay Thai such as become more explosive ect. I also wouldn't mind putting on some muscle in the process but my main goal being increasing performance.

I know from previous experience if I weight train more than twice a week it seems to effects my recovery.



Can anyone let me know the best exercise to reduce my weight.


The clean and press and a full zercher lift can help you maybe.


Yeah I'm going to try some Zercher Squats out and see if they help at all


Some kind of deadlift 2-4x2-4
Some kind of press 2-4x2-4

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Altough i am clueless maybe something like this :
Full Zercher squat or deadlift
Clean and Press
Chin ups


My current routine looks like this

Day 1 Tuesday

A Hang Clean 5S 3R
B Incline Bench Press 4S 6R
C T-Bar Rows 4S 8-10R
D Bodyweight Barbell Tricep Extensions 3S 10-15R
E Dragon Flag Negatives 3-5S 3-5R
F Russian Twist with Sledgehammer 2S (each side) 10-15R

Day 2 Friday

A Front Squats 4S 6R
B One Arm DB Bench Press 3S 8R
C DB Split Squats 3S 8-10R
D Incline DB Clean 3S 10-12R
E Ab Wheel Rollouts 3S Max Reps
F DB Side Bends 3S 15-20R

I also do 3S 10R of pull-up / chin-up variations 4 times a week

I've been rotating the exercises every 6 weeks as well as mixing up the rep ranges but the general layout remains the same.

I'll try swapping Front Squats for Zercher Squats and see if I find it effective