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Weight Training for Landing Absorption

Hi guys.

I looked around and couldn’t find anywhere and maybe some of you guys could help me. Are there any exercises and protocols I could use to improve the shock absortion capaticity for parkour and gymnastic athletes?

There are plenty of strategies to improve the vertical jump but I’m more interested on the strength, knee and ankle stability, and reaction time and coordination on the landing portion of the movement.

Any idea is welcome.

I’ve had good results from squat cleans. A powerclean caught in a full squat. After moving a heavy weight up, you catch it down. Youtube a how to and start light. They’re gnarly.

Parkour is the stupidest “sport” ever invented.
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single and two leg altitude landings

although it’s best to start from the bottom which is the video above if you’ve already done parkour or gymnastics then you’ve probably out grown those progressions anyway (only watched half of it though)

Just general strengthening of the muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding the joints in question would help. I think there’s a limit to how much adaptation you can expect from just exposing the joints to shock compression. At some point you’ll just reach the limit where injury will occur. Strength training complementing all your light explosice work will make you perform better as well. Just my opinion though. I’m not an expert on training for parkour.
Cool sport BTW. It’s really fun to watch. Good luck with it!

Check out plyometrics depth jumps. They are the first easy part for plyos, and for larger guys may be as far as they ever get.

Plyos are designed to deveopl power but have a secondary effect of toughening the tendons

good luck