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Weight training for golf?


Im an avid golfer but relatively new to weight training!

Can anyone suggest sport(golf) specific exercises?


You probably won't find it here. Golf exercise programs are pretty pathetic, but anything would help most of the weekend "warriors".

Its better to simply lift heavy stuff and put it down, then repeat.

I follow a powerlifting program and it hasn't hurt my single digit HC a bit. If anything its helped.


Foam rolling and stretching before or after weight training should help a golf swing. (Helps everything!) Single leg movments should increase leg strength and also increase balance which would help as well.


The balance board and buso ball will help your drive. The feeling of being grounded and the power developed in the hips will give you greater power and control with your drives. As Colin stated, foam roller and stretching is very important to maintain maximum flexibility.

Any general fitness workout will do the trick for you. Or you could ask Tiger, but he'd probable charge you a fortune. Simply put any increase in strength can be transfered to your game in some way. 4, four, for, fore whatever!


Thanks for the feedback


Pick up Steve Maxwell's Encyclopedia of Joint Mobility, its got some awesome drills that will carry over to golf. Also, planks and ab roll-outs/ab-wheel are good, kettle bell work, russian twists on a medicine ball, and I also agree with what Oldman Powers said. In other works, some mobility, static and twisting core work, and generally lifting heavy to get stronger.


That's very specific, thanks.


Bosu ball? Weight training for golf? Damn, how the fuck has T-Nation become like this?


Tiger Woods made a career out of it. I say anything that builds your lower body and chest. Go heavy.


I've made about 4 trips to Augusta and seen Tiger many times from 2 feet away. He's a pretty small guy up close, and for the record, I have nuth'in to brag about size-wise.

His waist has got to be less than 32 and chest, maybe 38. Reminds me more of a crossfit type guy. He's in shape and I wish more golfers would at least try to get more fit.

Golf is about 80% dynamic eye/hand coordination. By dynamic I mean you swing at a stationary ball from your feet up. The other 20% is strength. That's why the best women can hit their drives on average 230-250 and the biggest guys 290-330. Not a lot of deviation.

Just get stronger than average. Take up crossfit and yoga, but more importantly see a good golf instructor if you want to add some distance to your game.


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Flexibility, I had a few friends play D1 golf, one that I lived with. They were always always always working on stretching and flexibility. Core twisting and anything to help hip drive should help. I hit the ball a lot longer than I did when I played in HS just as an overall benefit of general strength gains.


It may sound farfetched, but what has really helped my game are squats and deadlifts. As the legs and hips get stronger you can develop more torsional force without collapsing laterally. Any weightlifting you do will be better than just lifting brews.