Weight training for boxing and jiujitsu

This question is for the mixed martial artists and other combat sport participants. I am training bjj 4 times a week and will be starting to train in boxing along with the bjj. I was wondering how many times a week would be good for weight training so I don’t over train? I assume the weight session would only consist of the major lifts.

Hey, Molsonman: Okay, so I read that you will be “starting to train in boxing along with the bjj.” I’m assuming boxing will be on days you don’t train in bjj. Or if it’s on the same day, NOT during your bjj training, right? Either way, I would say limit your weight training sessions to two or three a week. Are you going to be looking into Renegade Training? I hope so, IMO, that’ll be the way to go.

And as long as you're eating enough food, I wouldn't be too concerned with overtraining. What has also helped me is using Surge after both weight training and boxing sessions.

2-3 days a week. It reall depends on how you feel.

I roll 3x a week and kickbox 2x, with 4-5 weight training sessions a week. Usually AM lifting and PM sports. When I was bulking it was really easy not to overtrain.

Tough call. I struggle with this as well. Obviously you are in danger of overtraining and burning out if you over do it. Probably best to vary the intensity of each session to fit your schedule. If you are training hard in BJJ and/or Boxing then ease back on the weight training sessions. I believe it is a very individual thing and you’ll want to find out what works best for you. Pay special attention to your upper back and shoulders. overtraining these areas can certainly set you back and thats no fun.