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Weight Training/Fat Loss

I am a somewhat of a beginner to weight training. I’ve actually been doing it for sometime, but off and on; never really stuck to it. Now that I’ve been deployed to Iraq, and been working out over here, I decided to stick with it.

So, I’ve been wondering what to take as a supplement to get some muscle size; and also what I should do to get rid of my belly. I’m not really looking to get a 6-pack, just want to get rid of what I have right now…

It’s all about the food you put in your mouth. Give your diet the attention it needs to get leaner/build muscle and worry about supplements later.

Another way of looking at it is that you won’t get much out of most supplements other than protein powders if you’re not eating correctly for your goals to begin with.

Check out the Diet Programs section under Articles on this site.

Supplements will not be worth your hard earned cash unless you have a sound diet in place.

Once your eating right , I recommend a protein powder (Grow! if you can get it) and fish oil.

Here’s a good place for you to start if you haven’t seen it already.