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Weight Training Calories: Lose It, Google Fit, Jetfit

I have been weight training for a while. I know how to do an appropriate program. The pin is in.
So I have gone from a bulk that really was too long for my body fat and have reduced my calories to a level of a typical 2lb/wk dieter (I hate that word). In the past, I never logged my weight training. Now though, with other things “onboard” I need to make sure i’m not way underfeeding. This leads me to my question:
I use Loose it to log my food. It has an area for exercise and when I enter my lifting it gives me 400 cal or so. I use Jetfit to track my lifts on my tablet. That data syncs into Google fit and shows me burning like 1,000. That 1,000 then feeds back to my Loose it (since I don’t log exercises directly in loose it, though you can.

I need to know what I can expect for a fairly intense 75+ min lifting session - all out. This helps me know I am at a small deficit, without having no chance to maintain muscle.

This post makes sense to me but hit me back if I need to clarify. What is a realistic burn for 75 min lifting?

400 is about right. But it’s easier (and probably better) to think of caloric output in terms of cals/lb BW/d. If you live an otherwise average life vis a vis daily activity, lifting 75 min/d puts you in the 13-15 cals/lb/d range (assuming you’re an adult male).

Does the tracking and all that help you? Why not just do swings and sprints and eat steak and eggs?

I do think 75+ min of weight training is redundant. And if you really are going “all out”, you won’t be lasting 75+ min anyways. I mean a Tabata session is 4 minutes. A Litvinov session can be done in 5. 20 rep squats or 30-10-30 training is done in short time too. If you insist on training beyond the parameters of these modalities you are basically beating your head on the wall.

You could spend 15 min a day lifting, 5 days a week or so, nothing too strenuous but mimicking work capacity and skill-strength, gradually increasing weights, while getting your diet in order and you’d be on a good path. If you can’t maintain a clean diet and train that way for 2 weeks then you won’t accomplish anything more difficult without building those small strength and nutrition habits that make up the big picture. People make a mistake of trying to go on this difficult calorie deficit while training harder than they usually do at the same time. That’s just not gonna work long-term. And if it does, only because you managed to ultimately practice sustainable methods.

So you have options for new ways of training. Besides that all you really need to do is get your food choices in check and realistically you can eat as much as you want.

That it’s vei helpful, thanks!

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Thanks for the input. I guess the lifting is all out, excluding the obvious test parts. I do do 75 min stay to finish. The app gives me targets. DC I think it wad had a rule on missing an improvement for 3x in a row sp I like tp track that. It’s motivational for me too. My gains have demonstrably gone down on the cut but I am making some vei mild gains. Just keeping muscle wad my goal. Thanks for the advice man!!

Best of luck to you brother. I like to see people do things simpler as I think simpler often works better, but whatever turns your crank!