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Weight Training and MA Training

I just started jiu jitsu training (2-3x per week). I have been lifting for quite some time (since 1985) and generally make it to the gym 3-4 mornings per week. Everything was going fine until I started this damn MA training – I think I shocked my CNS into submission. Any training tips from those of you who are doing both weight and MA training with respect to routines and amount of time dedicated to each? Thx.

This is a very individualistic question. Some people can train very hard at both jiu-jitsu and weightlifting and still make progress; others can’t. For a while, I would lower the volume of your lifting and then adjust up it as you’re able. Ian King gives some very good recommendations on how to determine whether or not you’re able to recover from your present lifting/lifestyle regimen in one of his previous 12-week programs (the 2nd leg program I think). The point is, you’ll simply have to experiment for a while and adjust as you see fit. If you’re not progressing in the gym, you may need to lower your lifting volume or lower your time spent rolling on the mat (jiu-jitsu). On a side note, the good thing about jiu-jitsu is that the better you become, the less energy you’ll expend doing it. Most white belts (beginners) use an incredible amount of energy and strength to roll for a few minutes while some purple belts and above can roll all day and hardly break a sweat (i.e. you’ll learn how to relax and use technique more the better you get). Good luck.

I would keep your lifting to no more than 3 days a week, but since you are having trouble you may want to stick to 2 days(days you do not do Jiu Jitsu).Keep your sessions short, and stick to compound movements.

Not too long ago, I myself began MA training (karate), and during that time I began boxing and kickboxing. Due to the time I needed to devote to MA training, I cut my weight training days to 2 (occasionally I’d add a third) days a week. I performed primarilly compound exercises. Worked out beautifully, too.

Definitely devote more time to your MA training now, and cut down your weight training days.

Thanks for the input. After weight training for so many years, I feel a little guilty about cutting back, but I guess it is probably the right thing to do in the near-term until my body gets used to the MA training. At that time, I guess I will increase the sessions again. Thanks again.

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