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Weight Training and Judo

Hello everyone,

I train judo 3-5 times a week and I usually lift weights 2x a week, concetrating on deadlifts, squats, pullups and presses. My judo classes contain quite a lot of conditioning (BW circuits, burpees etc.) so I concentrate on training for max strength with weights.

I would like to hear from other judo practicioners and martial artists what their lifting regimen looks like. Also, any suggestions are more than welcome


sounds good to me.

got a sandbag. get one, big bastard one.

good for grip and good for core and overall strength. iron mind do one. another company in the us does a smaller “bodybag” (really!) for gen conditioning that goes upto around 120/120 filled with sand.

And a big rock

hell, get a lorry to push.

seriously, if i were motivated enough to get back fighting this is what i would be looking to do, the carry over would appear to be fantastic.

my program is similar. I usually do big lifts with heavy weights and rarely higher because I hate being sore and trying to do martial arts. Plus, if you are into martial arts you are lifting for strength not bodybuilding. I do a lot of squats, pullups and overhead pressing. And lots of gripwork. And lots of rope jumping. Sandbag is a good idea. Here is my present program although I am thinking of changing to something else:
Day 1
Squats- 8x3
Snatch grip deads 4x6
Bulgarian split squats 4x6
jumping lunge(switch in the air)3x8
Day 2
Weighted pullups-8x3
Overhead press-4x6
Weighted dips-4x6
Seated plate raise-4x6
Day 3
db snatch -6x3
explosive pushups on med ball-3x10
barbell curls-4x6
high rep squats-2-3x15
natural glute ham raise-3x8
plus I have a chin bar at home and some old school martial arts(and more mainstream) grip training stuff. Thats my story anyway.

i just recieved an iron mind bag. save our money and make your own and by an army issue kit bag.

use smaller bags to up and down the weight inside, and use some rope to add for tieing up.

however, the book about sandbag training is worth a look, and has some stuff with punchbags.

its about 11 dollars.

i wish i had done that.

Hey dude what don’t you like about the Ironmind bag? I made my own out of my military issue duffel but have seen the Ironmind one.

I have just restarted training MMA, about 3-4 times per week. This is normally a couple of sessions of gi-based BJJ, and a couple of no gi Vale Tudo or sub wrestling sessions. Nowt too serious, just a way to spend my time productively and make me feel good. As such my supplementary training may not be the ultimate way to improve my game, (I have other goals too) but it certainly doesn’t harm it;

at the moment I am training in the one lift a day style espoused by Dan John, who incidently should be paying me commission for the amount of posts I’m putting on the internet raving about his work.

I stick to compound movements - oly hybrids, powerlift hybrids etc, and train either heavy, (not necessarily max effort) or for speed - ie dynamic effort style. I finish with some anaerobic conditioning. At this stage of the workout, I may include some sport specific drills - eg pounding a prone heavy bag etc.

If you wanted to be really anal about your training, you could try this method for a few weeks:

  1. perform a whole body lift hard and heavy

  2. immediately perform a sport specific exercise as explosively as possible - obviously you may need a partner here for judo, although I guess you could simply throw a heavy bag or something - don’t think this training style would be applicable to newaza so much though.

This idea was used by Russian sprint cyclists, and I used it to increase punching power last year. While I am not a scientific type, and so cannot back up my experiment with solid evidence, I felt it worked a treat.