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Weight Training and Cardio

Hey! I’m new to T-Nation and have come here to seek advise from knowledgeable people.

I know you guys are busy and don’t like to read long post so I will try to make this short and sweet.

September 06:

After 8 years of being a couch potato and weighing in at 293lbs at 5’10" at age 26 , I decided to do a life style change. (That?s about 100lbs gained since high school 8 years ago)

I started a diet of starving myself and running the first of Sep.06. I lost 43lbs in about 8 weeks. (I was down to 250lbs by Nov.4th)

I was happy with the weight loss but not happy with my strength. It seemed I was getting weaker each week.

I decided to talk to a personal trainer at the gym. He told me losing that much weight that fast and not eating has killed my muscle strength. He gave me some good advise on what I should be eating and how often, but didn’t really tell me how much. He also suggested I take whey protein and Cellmass.

I started a weight lifting schedule along with my running 3 miles a day, 6 times a week on Nov.5th. I ran 1.5 miles before and after my weight training. My max bench when I started was 160lbs. I was benching 245lbs 8 years ago in high school.

I noticed that after 3 weeks of weight training that I was still weak and my bench press max went up only 5lbs(165lbs).

I went to another trainer and he told me to cut the long distance running out and see what happens. Well, 2 weeks later I am able to bench 190lbs.

So my question is:

I weigh in at 230lbs now. I still have a lot of body fat to lose! What kind of cardio should I do (with my weight training)and for how long, and how many days a week should I do it.

I have included a link to a photo of myself for you to get a general idea of what I look like. I took this 2 weeks ago and weighed 237lbs. I want to get rid of the fat and gain muscle at the same time.


Highly suggest you read these two articles before deciding on what type of cardio to follow.



If after reading these you still insist on doing long ass, drawn out, low intensity cardio at least opt for 30 mins on a 12-15% incline on a treadmill at a pace that is JUST shy of having to jog (meaning you have to take long, but quick strides to keep up). Ensure your heart rate does not pass 185bpm, if it does, slow it back either in speed or incline. After 30 mins you’ll be dripping with sweat. Do every day if possible, just ensure adequate nutrition pre and post workout/cardio.
Builds great calves too!

Your simply doing TO damn much and not healing or eating for it slow down bro. Let the intake have you lose Fat and the cardio and the weight sessions to build and preserve muscle and strength.

Id say 3-4 good sessions of weights 2-3 cardio sessions and a solid diet and see where that takes you.

Read up on the beginner thread the nutrition like nail the 7 habits article by JB maybe look into T Dwg 2.0 great diet. Training 3 full body, or and upper lower foru days a week tons of choices. Pick something and follow the plan.

Thats the basics reead those threads and bring that education back with more direct questions.

Good work on the fat loss so far but halt the crazy diet and training before you regret it even more.


I agree with Phill too that you’re doing too much. Or rather that your want too much too quickly.

You’ve already had quite a bit of success and fat loss recently. You want a lot more. But you also way quick strength and muscle gains.

To gain muscle would imply calorie excess (albiet good calories). To lose fat would imply calorie deficit.

You’d be in sound mind to stick with a 200calorie deficit a day to lose fat (calories calculated by lean tissue mass you have currently). You’ll still get stronger from the training alone and even though you’d be losing weight you’d look more muscular as the muscles started reappearing from under the fat.

Set one month, 3 month, 6 month and 1 year goals.

Example - if you’re wanting to weight 195. Set that as your one year goal. Losing more than this, or trying to lose it in a shorter time frame, especially when you’ve already lost quite a bit is A VERY BAD IDEA AND MENTALITY TO BE IN.

That means in 12 months you’ve got 35ish pounds to lose. That means you have to lose only about 5 pounds a month. Proper diet, frequent (but not overly crazy intense) workouts and cardio will also help you get there.

Slow and steady wins the race my friend. Rushing just leaves you injured, sick (from immune system taking a beating), with adrenal fatigue syndrome, or worse - with high stress levels which put a stop to your progress despite effort.

You’re doing way to mcuh long distance running IMO, your wrecking your joints.

Try doing some tabata excercises, circuits and windsprints.

Also check out www.crossfit.com and read the free beginners journal, it’ll explain why to much low intensity aerobic excercise is bad.