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Weight to Calories Ratio for Leaning Out

Im ne and need a good ratio for my weight to caloric intake for fat loss. Im 237.25 pounds 6’4 and have a 21% body fat. Help greatly appreciated

i’d say start with 3000 calories. after a week look to see if you are losing weight. if yes then keep at 3000 for a month, then reduce to 2750 or 2500. if you arent losing weight then go to 2500 and see where you go from there

Your weight is ruffly 3000-3100 for a good starting point. Lots of variables though play into it.

Are you active? Lifting/Running/etc? All this plays a part in everything.

Honestly as a ‘big’ guy, i’d try to not go below 2200 calories. Split your food up in like 40%/40%/20% Carbs/Protein/Fat.

Exercise is key :slight_smile:

Freedom, a few of my friends are on the T-Dawg diet and it is working really well for them. I recommend checking it out:


My brother started about where you are. 6’5" 235.

-He eats 7 times a day when training,
-6 times on days off.
-40g of protein per meal (meat and veggies)
-green veggies at every meal
-fruit with breakfast
-nuts with meals 2, 3, 4 and 6
-Surge PWO + 1 orange (meal 5, omit on off days)
-1 scoop Metabolic Drive + 1 Tbsp natty PB before bed (meal 7)
-lower carb, but still about 120 grams of carbs, and about 35-40g of fiber

we’ve done this for the past 8 weeks and we have both leaned out significantly, we’ve made great progress.