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Weight Sled Training?


Recently purchased a light weight-sled that will hold 90 lbs. Currently searching for structured workouts that anyone has experimented with, and had success with. More interested in building explosive power and strength rather than speed.

Just looking to mix it up with my normal leg training (squats, deadlifts, etc.....


90lbs, what kind of pansy sled did you buy? I'm not very strong, and I did sled drag for 155lbs this morning on my cheapo ebay some guy made it in his garage sled. I should have bought the EliteFTS one with two weight points since I'll probably need that in another eighteen months or so anyways. I do sled at the end of leg day, definitely good for finishing off whatever energy you have left.


the sled can be used for a variety of things, gpp, conditioning, rehab, prehab, hypertrophy, and strength. when i ruptured 3 vertebral discs about 3 years ago, while on the mend, i used heavy sled dragging to maintain strength and size as i could not squat or deadlift for some time.

i am toying withthe idea of using the sled and a prowler for my primary low body training, and only doing squats and pulls(loading my spine) once every 10-12 days.

here is how i have used the sled in the past:

  1. gpp/conditioning 8-14 trips of 200 feet, short rest periods between trips(1 minute or less) with 1-3 plates. this consited of low body and upper body pulling pushing and dragging frontwards and backwards.

  2. rehab: same as above, but this would be in lieu of what i would otherwise be doing in the gym.

  3. strength/size: instead of a squat or pull workout, instead i would use the sled as an alternative heavy low body training. several trips of 20-25 steps, or upper body pulls or pushes, starting with 1 plate and going up each trip by one plate until failure. rest between trips 1-3 minutes.


Here is how to make a free sled (or for under $20). Find 12 feet of chain or high stress rope. Grab a rope used for push downs or a handle. Grab a pine palate that someone has tossed. Attach chain and handle to palate. Place 45's or even sand bags on top .



Yeah, I was disappointed when it arrived ... got it off ebay as well. The post prevents you from loading more than two plates, but I am going to take it to a local shop to have it extended.


Get the wooden skid like the other poster said. It will hold about 1500 lb of concrete blocks. It should take you a while to work up to that....
An old tire is good too. Weight is weight. It isn't how much you spend, it's how much you drag.



Pretty much any welding shop should be able to modify that one or make you a better one with ease. I like sled dragging, it's brutal, and there is absolutely no way to cheat.


Get a plastic snow sled and drag your kids arround the yard.

Or for a killer forearm workout drag the kids on a tarp.


Last Dan John article was all about light sleds. Done in combos, you'll get a good workout.

My sled is a plastic pallet that I strapped a 375# hunk of steel on. Then I pull it over rough concrete.
Not far, and not often. Kills me.
I try to save this for real hot days.


Also, there are tons of these ideas in the early editions of Get Up...I know Shaf a bunch and so did Jim Smith...just look at the first year of so. Shaf developed a whole program from it.

I also have a DVD that has some ideas for sledding. Don't buy it, but basically, I find that just plain sled sprints are great, then LOAD yourself either with Farmer Bars, or rocks or whatever and go for longer pulls.


Check out the Articles section over at the Diesel Crew site.


Well, there's your problem!


Ebay rocks, I've gotten many quality items from there. Never been let down yet.


Yea....but is it the best place to purhase quality training equipment?


I custom made this one, I can make one to hold as many plates as you want.


90 pounds won't give you a good workout. My wife does more than that. Get yourself a decent one from WSB.