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Weight Selection for Minimalist Program

CT, I’m needing a change of pace so I’m going to do your minimalist plan for a cycle or two (Zercher squats and bench with pullups and dips added) but in the article I can’t see how to choose a weight for days 2 and 3. Is it a percentage of the 3rm achieved on day 1 like day 4 is? Thanks for any help on this.

I’m thinking that’d depend on if you’re using your 3,2,or 1RM. However, that’s confounded with the slow eccentric.
I’d probably go with 55-60% 3RM, 60-70% 2RM, and 70-80% 1RM. That’ll probably get you in the 4-6 rep range with the eccentric emphasis.

I wrote this early morning and wasn’t thinking clearly I guess… the 2RM is correct but the percentages for the 1 and 3 RM should be switched. The higher percentage with the lighter weight and the lower percentage with the heavier.

Awesome thanks!