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Weight Room Closed. Home Training Advice?

Well for the meantime there’s a shit ton of things you can do to progress with dumbbells.

I understand how wanting to stick with barbell movements can be a priority. It is for me at least, but it’s okay to deviate, so long as you’re still progressing.

Pretty sure there’s a myriad of templates that use solely dumbbells and body weight, that’s enough to have you put on a decent amount of mass by the end of the year.

There’s this one

And this one
Which is a replacement for kettlebells, but still gets the job done

Love this one
Can’t go wrong with 50 reppers.

And the SLEW of articles on sprinting/conditioning work should be enough as well.

Sure you might want the membership now, but just use what you have currently.

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When my basement gym flooded with sewage and was deemed “uninhabitable by humans” by a bio-environmental team, I wore a painter’s mask when I trained. Have you considered that option?


I’m not sure he lives close enough to train in your basement.


No one does any more; house was demolished.

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That’s actually a really good idea i’ll keep that in mind for next Christmas.

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If you have adjustable dumbbells up to 100, use those. Try and get to where you can do 50 goblet squats, 50 SLDLs, multiple sets of 20-50 with the 100s, pressing the 100s overhead for a set of twenty or floor pressing them for a set of 20-40, rowing them for 50 or adding up the weight to make more on one handle and going ape shit with that.

This is nothing against you and more of a generalized post about this, but I hate fucking threads like this. You have more at your disposal than a lot of people that have gotten strong. Even if you only have bodyweight, you can find heavy shit to pick up, load on your back and squat it, or work up to a set(s) of 20 unsupported handstand push ups. Find something to get you strong and put in a lot of work and time on it. There’s a ton you can do with 100 pound dumbbells and get insanely strong doing it.


Why the wait? Summer just started.

Your dad is a piece of … paper


Oh I know for a fact he ain’t buying equipment just like that.

Why can’t you? Cheap finds typically.

I need a job first

Might be able to sell something on that very same website instead. Or trade even.

Try “getting to yes” whenever you encounter a problem. It will be endearing for future employers.

As of rn

Dumbbell goblet squat: 3 sets of 6-12 reps
Dumbbell floor press: 3 sets of 6-12 reps
Dumbbell Rdls: 3 sets of 6-12 reps

If I get 12 the first set I add weight next week. Otherwise stay on the weight and eat and kinda just wing it. I stole the progression from a program. And removed all the other movements. Pretty stupid, but I don’t like doing a lot of movements. Especially with dumbbells. It’s boring.

I’m still trying to figure out what this means lol

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And why is your dad afraid of a gay person coming up to you?

Sexual assault? Idk

I think it’s more to do with a grown man into kids than a gay person.

Good stuff Alpha posted recently…


Just do what Paul Carter does and make that 8-12 reps.

And why no pulling movements? No rows, chinups, etc.? You could superset squats and presses, and RDL’s and rows. At least do some pull-aparts with your bands.

Anyway, what I meant by my answer, was when you made a different thread a while back about not having time or means necessary to get to the gym, I commented something that summed up to “just do it.” You got really upset and called me ignorant, which didn’t even make sense looking at what I had said.

Here’s the deal dude - you’re young, and I’m glad to see a young guy getting into lifting. If you’re smart, you can really take advantage of your age and make a lot of good progress, and have potentially 60+ years of training ahead of you. That’s awesome.

But, every time you post, it seems to be “Well here goes that! Guess I’m screwed now.” And then when people (and some of these people are very strong people) try to offer advice to your not actually big problems, you come back at them with more excuses, not thanks, or even question them further on what they mean.

Sounds like your dad is a worrier - no going to the gym alone at your age, no working out in the basement due to the air quality, etc. That’s fine - lots of teens don’t have access to good gyms, if any, and lots don’t have room or the means for home gyms. I live in a small town and we don’t have very good gyms around. I know a few have done as @oldbeancam said, and just started walking and squatting with big rocks. It’s not pretty. It’s pretty dirty, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. But it works.

This is getting too long, and really, it’s nothing that hasn’t already been said to you (and, let me make it clear that I don’t think I’m better than you or something. Hopefully, this is more motivating than anything.) but at some point you just need to do it. You have Jim Wendler’s work. You have T-Nation. You have these forums. You have enough equipment at home to do plently (again, like Bean said - do 20 handstand pushups. See if your arms and shoulders aren’t stronger than they are right now.) and will soon be old enough that going to a gym should mostly be your own choice, even more so than it already is.

Just get after it dude!

Oh, and get a job. You’ve said

a few times. Go get one then. Buy some equipment. You can get a rack that folds against the wall (or even just make one yourself), a decent barbell, and some 45lb plates for not very much money that also take up very little space. That along with your dumbbells is all you really need. And money is cool to have.