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Weight Room Closed. Home Training Advice?

I’m Timothy and 16 yrs old. I’m lost rn because the weight room closed and strength and conditioning is over with. My dad said he’ll think about getting me a gym membership. He wants me to be safe and even said “what if some fruit loop goes up to you”. Eh he grew up in a bad urban area so I guess I can’t blame him. I think he’ll say yes tho cause we visited the gym. I had dumbbells up to 100 lbs one resistance band, a floor, and my bodyweight. Someone help me with programming please.

Is there a possibility of getting yourself a gym membership?

In terms of programming, What are your goals?

Get stronger,build muscle. Yeah there’s a possibility.

Are you saying that you have dumbbells up to 100 and a band to work with at home?

Like a program with dumbbells?

No offense, Timothy, but there are hundreds of posts like this and they always end up the same. Search the website’s workout section and pick something you like. Put all your effort into it for the rest of the year or until you have to go back to the school program.


Yeah I’m also unclear as to if you have DB’s up to 100lbs and a band to use at home, but if you do, do high rep goblet squats (20+ reps with 100lbs is no joke), walking lunges, RDL’s, glute bridges, overhead presses, rows, floor presses, snatches, tons of band pull-aparts, and lots of pushups. Chinups too, if yu can find a tree branch or something. But you can buy decent handles for a doorframe for like $30 at a lot of stores. I got one at Target I believe that lasted for a while. You can also do squats and walking lunges with no weight added.

Get a summer job with a landscaping company.
They’ll tell you all about what to lift, how fast to move and anything else you need to know.


If you’re really commited to the barbell lifts, find a way to get to a gym. If it’s difficult, good. The skills to overcome these obstacles will serve you well in life.

Failing that: get hold of heavy stuff, bags of sand are dirt cheap. Google bodyweight exercises, trees are everywhere. Find a steep hill or steps and run up them. Do some of the above, then after a little bit of time, come back and do more. You don’t need a program, you need the right mindset to achieve what you want.

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Careful man, he doesn’t respond well to this advice, per his previous threads.

Wtf are you talking about I talked to my dad about getting a membership like 2 weeks ago. Did you not read what I posted?!?
Don’t follow advice?!?? My recent squat thread I posted a form check video and listened to advice.

Get a barbell and some plates off facebook marketplace or craigslist

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So if I may ask, what do you actually currently have at your house? Concerning working out. I feel like that question was just skimmed over.

He obviously has read what you wrote, and even read previous threads you’ve written

My advice stands: if you want to get big and strong, whatever that means to you, find a way to do it. Either make do with whatever stuff you have access to at home, or get yourself access to a gym.

I think it’s quite telling that you chose to reply to this post rather than the ones asking you to clarify what equipment you have. Almost like you’d rather talk about your excuses than your solutions.


Sounds like your father is afraid that you will dethrone him as the Alpha of the family. The best approach is to call him out on it and then challenge him to a fight to the death for the hand of your mother.


This stuff drives me nuts on forums.


Adjustable dumbbells up to 100 lbs. 20 lb resistance band.

I want a gym membership. But, if it’s not possible I can make dumbbells work. I love the sound of goblet squats.^^ it’s going to increase my squat.

I’d love to have a power rack in the basement. But I can’t breathe in all the dust. Yet I take a wood shop class and breathe in saw dust. That’s worst.

See if you can get the gym, and keep yourself safe from the fruit loops

In the meantime, try these things:

ANd add in some of these eventually:

It is possible. 17 year olds have gym memberships. You just need to be willing to do what’s necessary.