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Weight Releasers

How do you use weight releasers?(how do they go on, where are they placed on the bar etc…)

How do you incorporate them into your training?(max days or dynamic days etc…}

I’ve only used them once and it was on a max effort day. They get placed at the ends of the bar and they come off the bar once they touch the ground.

Are they only be used for single reps.

I have used them before. We used them only for heavy single negatives which makes since b/c to use them otherwise would require you to hold the bar still (or rack it) while two other guys put the WRs back on the bar for the next rep. Be careful using them on BP though b/c they can really tear up your shoulders (or at least did all of ours).

Well, you’re only going to get a single rep out of them. The releasers hook around the bar, so when the bar gets low enough and the weight is on the ground, the hooks fall off the bar. Obviously you couldn’t get more than one rep out of them.

You can use them this way to work on speed too:

Do a single negative + 2 more reps as fast as possible. This is a great dynamic session since you are tapping into HTMU(High Threshold Motor Units) with the negative before you even get to the speed reps.

Thibaudeau has some great chapters in his “Black Book” & “Theory & App of Modern Strength Training”.

Hope this helps & if you want any more help with them PM me.