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Weight Question

What factors affect an increase in calories in a person other than activity level, stress, etc…if ANY?? Here’s what I mean - A co-worker of mine, is around 5’8" and 145lbs - very lean and low bf. He used to eat like shit, only 2 meals a day (lunch and dinner and the occasional snack). He started to eat very ‘clean’ and work out in order to bulk up, he has up’d his calories accordingly (~3500 - 3800 kcal per day).

He admits that he has trouble hitting this EVERY day, but based on his food log, I would say he consistently hits 2500-2800 kcal per day. Now, if he used to only eat, let’s say 1500-1800 (between lunch and dinner) before he started to eat clean and more calories and never LOST weight, how come he has only added a few lbs over the last few months since he has INCREASED his calories quite a bit.

I know there is no “exact” equation that says, up your calories by x and you will gain y (I know you can kind of figure this out), but I guess my question is what factors affect a persons ability to add mass. Can another person increase calories by 1000-1500 like this guy is doing and add more than a few lbs?? Does your body hit a point where it CAN’T loose anymore weight - Like when he ate like shit and was only consuming 1500-1800 kcal’s a day??

In terms of macro’s, he’s set with a good breakdown of P/F/C…

Not sure if this makes sense - if not, just blacklist me from T-Nation.

Several things are in play here, and all of course being individual.

1 by increasing the meals he is eating he has boosted his metabolism. Keeping it firing at full effect all the time, Not slowing down in the long waiys between feedings.

2 a calorie to a point is not a calorie. It is amazing how many k/cals someone can eat when they begin to eat clean good foods. Some of these also boost metabolism.

3 TEF thrmic effect of food. This has to do with both of the above, The type of foods and amount of meals. Simply by eating more and by eating good Whole foods hios body has to work harder and expend more energy to breakdown these non processed no JUNK foods. That and the amount of meals again, making this happeb more often, Then also high protein, Protein takes more energy to break down than other macros.

That is some of the basics of it. Their is a LOT more but thats the skinny.

I do want to also mention he is also getting the added benefit of being HEALTHY, and most likely has more energy even if he has not noticed it and is simply doing morte and his body is running much better which is burning more K/cals.

Just keep it up,

He’ll get used to the food and will hit an area and diet he can learn to live with. Great choice on the clean eatin,

Hope this helps,


Thanks Phill. So my post apparently made some sense :slight_smile:

I kind of figured that his metabolism was firing faster / more frequent due to more Kcal’s and more frequent eating. Your other points were helpful as well.
Thanks -