Weight Purchase for Home Gym?

Not new to lifting, but considering putting together a home gym.

I’ve been wanting to get a little more serious about doing some olympic lift movements, but am hesitant to try them at my gym. They tolerate powerlifting, but I’ve never had to drop any significant weight to the floor, which, I’m sure would spook the old folks :wink:

I’m ok with designing a floor/platform to lift on, but is there any special I need to look for in bars and plates to be able to drop them and not ruin them?

Any brand suggesions? I’m I thinking too much into this? :slight_smile:

im guessing you could buy ones that feel plastic/rubber-ish instead of metallic ones.

that and i think its more likely for you to ruin the floor rather than the plates

You could buy 2 45lb bumper plates that would hopefully be bigger than the metal 45’s you use, then you could throw it across the room and it wouldnt mess it up.

Other than that a 4x8 or two with some rubber matts on top would work.

just by a set of bumper plates http://store.wfwclub.com/plates.html

Get six 4x8 sheets of plywood and some rubber matting. lay the plywood in 3 layers and put the rubber on top.