Weight Progression Thoughts During 30-10-30

Dr. Darden,

In alot of your writings it has been suggested to increase the weight when the desired number of reps have been reached for the specific exercise performed in good form…i.e 12 reps

Have you ever applied or thought about applying a concept of only increasing the weight of any exercise until the trainer has performed the desired number of reps in good form in EVERY exercise

Obviously, some exercises would be to failure and some would not be to failure due to staying with 12 reps of lets say chest press until you reach 12 reps with bb curls

I have been doing this for a week now in my 30-10-30 routine, and have noticed that it removes the thinking of chasing the weight and allows me to concentrate more on form and contracting/uncontracting

I find it also allows the body recover without that systemic fatigue

Just some thoughts

I’ve never tried what you suggest. But I will give it some serious thought. Thanks.