Weight Programs for MMA

ive had some success on westside for skinny bastards but the time has to change my program. im trying to put some kg, gain overall strength & i need a program i can about 3x p/wk & kicks my ar$e in about 40mins. id like your everyones opinions from ASTs MAX-OT, Mentzers HIT to JBs Scrawny to Brawny etc…

Squat 5x3
Step-up 3x8
Bent Over Rows 5x5
Bench Press 5x5

Power Clean 5x3
Push Press 5x3
Dips 3x10
Chin-ups 3x10

Deadlift 5x3
Front Squat 3x8
Overhead Press 5x5
Weighted Pull-ups 5x5

BC gave agood routine

I’d aslo suggest the holiday program by Alwyn Cosgrove, Quattro Dynamo and Triple Total Training by Chad Waterbury

i think its best to focus on a variety of bodyweight exercises like push ups, rope climbing, chins etc and also a lot of partner assisted exercises like body cleans and firemans carrys plus loads of wrestling, this will give you all the strength you need. Check out the bodyweight training book by J.C Santana and Rhadi Ferguson

I used the routine that I posted above to get in shape for the last wrestling season. My goal was to gain strength and power, keeping the exercises heavy and basic. I also got my bodyweight up about 5 pounds, putting me at the right weight to cut down for competition. The basic format of the routine is:

Lower Body
Lower Body Unilateral

On the days I did not lift I did conditioning which consisted of barbell complex circuits, wind sprints and bleacher sprints, and Bas Rutten’s MMA All-Around Fighting and All-Around Workout audio CD’s.

During the wrestling season I used Alwyn Cosgrove’s Holiday Program (good routine). I was able to maintain muscle mass and even made slight progress in strength even though I was doing intense practices (1.5-2 hours) for 4-5 days a week.

I got a lot stronger with strength that highly transfers to wrestling with a Westside program. I was 160 in the season, decelty strong for my weight, and recently I wrestled 192 at an off-season tourney and wasn’t outmuscled (about equal in strength) by a huge 171 lber (now 190) that had a much better season than me. He was about 5’7 with visible abs at that weight and two years older. Even though I lost the match I realized that Westside is one badass program even for combat sports.

This is just a 3-4 week very high volume cycle i’m going to give a whirl as a change of pace from the crossfit wod’s…

A)Squats 5x5 up to 3-5 rm
B)Barbell Lunges 5x6-8
C)Cosgrove Bar Complex I: 3-5 sets
D1)Suspended Chain Flyes 5x10
D2)Cable Rows 5x10

A)Power Cleans: 5x5 up to 3-5 rm
B)Weighted Pullups: 5x5 up to 3-5 rm
C)Push Presses 5x6-8
D)Randy Couture Bar Complex: 3-5 sets
E)Band Arm Circuit: 10x10 as fast as possible
F) grip/neck

A) Box Squats: 15-25x2 w/15-30 sec. rest
B) Rack Pulls 5x6-8
C) Cosgrove Complex II: 3-5 sets
D1) Incline Db Bench 5x10
D2) Towel Pulldowns 5x10
E) Grip/Neck

Volume on the complexes and box squats goes up each week. Obviously, this is not long term, but it should be fun.

also, glute ham raises done for 5x10 on mondays and fridays.

thanks. i should have added i train alone…