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Weight Plateau - 87kg, 16yr Old


OK, I have been pondering on this issue for way to ****en long, and its givin me the ****s. Basically,

I was at about 85-86kg in January this year at a lower bodyfat level (2-3% lower) and quite a bit weaker. At this point, I had been properly training for about 6-7 months and had just finished a 3 week keto cut.

By now, I have bulked about 3000-4500 calories a day for about 8 months, yet I'm still about 87-88kg. I have tried many different workouts (5X5, VOLUME, ETC), with pretty much tiny muscle gain.

But the weird thing is my strenght has come up quite a bit since the begginning of the year, as you'll see in the following stats (1RM):


bench:100kg/225LB 1 rep bench: 120KG/265lb
Deadlift: 105kg/235LB 1 rep deadlift: 168kg/371lb
Curl: 40kg/90LB 1 REP Curl: 55kg/120lb
Barbell Shoulder Press: 45kg/100LB Barbell shoulder press: 65kg/145lb

As u can see, I"m quite a bit stronger, and I've gained a really small amount of muscle in the last few months, it doesn't make sense. I've also put on about 2-3% bf in between, resulting from the excess calories.

So what is happening, how come I'm gaining pretty much nothing with all the excess calories.


LOL at getting to 2-3% BF on a 3-week keto cut.

I think a couple of things are happening.

First, you're full of shit on your BF%. It's cool, there's no problem, it's just throwing off your perception of what the real problem is, which is that you're probably using different scales that are calibrated differently. Thats why it looks like your BF% has... doubled ... and you've only gained four pounds.

Well done on the lift progress, by the way. You'll be putting up decent numbers soon.

Second, while you probably think you're eating 3-4.5k calories, you're probably only eating that much like, once or twice a week, and the rest of the time you're living off a snickers bar, a whole-wheat turkey sandwich, and a diet coke. At least, I hope thats the case, because if you're actually downing 4.5 kcal every day and you've put on 4lbs in 8months, you're probably going to have to jump to 5-6k kcal real soon.

Alternatively, you're legitimately getting in 3k kcal each day, but your diet isn't made for happy bulking- you've got a bunch of fats and protein, and like, no carbs, and you're spending two and a half hours in the gym every day doing thirty sets per muscle group burning all the hard-to-digest kcal you've worked so hard to shovel down your miserly gullet.

Too hard to tell without more info. Post up details for your diet, training, and supps plan, and we'll critique from there.

And welcome to the Nation. Glad to have you.


Only gained a few pounds in 8 months of 4-5 cal a day? Doesn't sound right. If that is truely the case, up your calories again.
Another problem may be overtraining. Too many sets per workout, too many workouts a week. Sometimes taking a few days off can work wonders. You may not be allowing your body enough time to recover.

I'd like to see a detailed diet and training plan.


Echo what Otep said, including the welcome.


Yep, simple answer here is that you are NOT eating as much as you think you are. Give a diet plan, write it down over the next week, and you'll see as easily as anyone else that you're not eating as much as you think you are.

If you write it down, you're not lying, and you're still not gaining weight, see a doctor, you got a tapeworm or something like that. :slight_smile:


wait until puberty finishes.


sorry about that, i meant 2-3% lower.
sorry guys, i will post up more details tomorrow as i got exam study tonight.

thanks for the welcome, seems like a really good forum


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it means your liver is getting its ass kicked.


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Why didn't you ask your doctor?


i did, i was just asking if any of u guys had it, experiences


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Liver problem?.. Man, all you young guys are lifting to heavy and not breathing properly. Talk it over with your doctor, and get on metamucil. Most guys benefit from a little metamucil because they all eat like shit when it comes to getting adequate amounts of fiber. Read around on here, you'll find magnesium is a big help too. Just make sure you talk to your doctor, you'll be fine.


alright thanks brother, i started taking metamucil and i'll see how it goes.
also, do you guys know if theres any particular bulking foods that causes bleeding, like peanut butter, milk, etc


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Eat Organic Oatmeal. It's much much cheaper and much better for you. Seriously.


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On topic-
Being 16 might have something to do with your need to eat a shit ton of calories,
are you gaining any height?
Also I agree with everyone else, that you should track what you're actually eating, it might not be as much as you think.

Back off topic...
where abouts in aus are you?