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Weight Placment During Second Pull

Hey Just wondering to all the weightlifter out there.

Where did your coach tell you to feel the weight through your feet during the second pull? Through the balls of the feet or the middle of the foot?

And secondly has anyone come across any research on the second pull and weight placement in the feet?

I keep it on the middle/back for the 1st pull + hip extension, then shrug (and pull if it’s a snatch) + raise calfs.

If you are interested there are great articles concerning ground reaction forces through the feet and bar kinematics during the olympic lifts. Search the NSCA journal for research and you should find a bunch.

Relatively speaking I think you should stay on your heels as long as possible and towards the end of the second pull extend at the ankle and come up on your toes, for a brief moment.

However, I am sure there are people that do it completely different and move big weights…

I focus staying back on my heels until the second pull, but I try not to consciously think about moving onto my toes otherwise I do it too soon.

Thanks for the info guys.