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Weight of the Curl Bar?


How much does the curl bar weigh?

Talkin bout the EZ and the mini straight bar.


If I'm not mistaken the EZ bar weights like 15 pounds?That sound right to anyone else?


Usually 25lbs


Is there a scale in your gym?

Me and another guy weighed one just recently, and it was 17.5 lbs. The number seemed a little odd ( I 'spose it was... ), but we weighed it 2 ways, by itself, with just a fingertip balancing it, and with him on the scale with and without the bar, and subtracted. Both ways came out the same.

They may not all weigh the same though.

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ours at home is suppose to weigh about 15 pounds


25lb in my gyms.


25 usually. Let me guess you want to know how much you curl?


No, I don't want to know how much I curl. Who would ever want to know that? That is so silly! Especially on this ant-curl website!

Anyway, I write down all my lifts when I get home and in all my years of training I've never known what the hell those little bastards weigh.


Interesting. i always thought it weighed 15 lbs.


I bet it would have taken far less time to walk over to a scale and weigh whatever bar you are interested in knowing the weight of than it did to type your message and wait for a reply...

are there no scales at your gym or home or where ever you work out at?


ive always wondered this too, so i just never counted the bar when adding weight and recording it in my book.

but 10-15 lbs sounds about right...


no scales at my gym....all the fat chicks in there would call it discrimination or complain that it was 'wrong' when they got on it.


Every time I get to a new gym, I weigh the curl bar and mini straight bar. I got freaked out when I was putting more than I thought humanly possible on it and completing it, then going back to my normal gym and not coming close.


I didn't want to look like sissy and be seen weighing the "curl bar" bro.


Kill the Fat Chicks


Smaller plate hole sized about 15lbs and the olympic ones 20 -25 i've found.