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Weight of standard EZ Bar

How much does a standard EZ-Bar weigh?

25lbs. - right, T-People?

15 lbs

I believe its 30lbs., but I could be wrong

Define Standard? Regular plates or Olympic? With or without collars and if with collars what type? See the problem?
Better yet check out www.Power-Systems.com, then you can match the type of bar and weight to what you are using.

I believe:

1" plate EZ bar: 15 lbs

Olympic plate EZ bar: 20 lbs

The Olympic plate EZ bar may weigh 25, but I have always counted it as 20. I guess it doesn't really matter as long as you call it the same thing everytime you go to the gym...hell, call it 0.

I’ve found they typically weigh 17 lbs.

Did - you know I rec’v Power-Systems catalog - have never checked out their website. Cool. Oh, and found one E-Z curl bar at 20lbs.

I checked out Power-systems and I guess it looks like their “Olympic Curl” EZ bar which supposedly weighs 20lbs. I always thought it was around 25lbs., but now I’m not sure.

I was always under the impression it was 25lbs.

The one at my gym is 15 lbs. The 5’ mini-Olympic straight bar is 25 lbs. I assume it’s like the weight of the bar on a Smith Machine, though; each one is different.

Thanks for the info on the website.


An Olympic E-Z Bar weighs 25lbs.

I’ll have to vote with Patricia, I always thought an olympic EZ curl bar was 25#.

You can also find a scale in your gym, weight yourself and then weigh yourself while holding the bar.

I’ve done what JayNick recommends with several different EZ bars, and I’ve found that they vary some but all fall within the 15-25lb. range. At least all the ones I’ve tested. I agree with Joel though – it doesn’t really matter so long as you use the same one all the time.

yeah walk to a scale and weigh yourself with and without. duh. mine was 15 lbs.

Congrats to Jaynick for coming up with the obvious answer. Weigh the frickin’ bar if you’re not sure.

Kelly was right. The olympic EZ bars that I have weighed usually weight 17-17.5 lbs. Of course there could be significant variety, so the only way to find out is to weigh it.

I weighed one at my gym that holds olympic plates and it was 18lbs. I always thought they were 25. Learn new shit every day.