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Weight of Bumper Plates


I know this sounds dumb, but are they somehow lighter? Is it the optical illusion of seeing a huge plate that only weighs X?

My gym just got a real platform and bumper plates, and I was deadlifting today. I worked my way up and when I got to (too little weight to mention here) it seemed like a lot less than usual. I was able to do more reps with it, and then add quarters and do another set. I'm certain that I didn't get that much stronger that quickly, and would like a little perspective.


They are not lighter but I bet it's your mind messing with you. When I start going up in weight sometimes I add two 10s and a 5 instead of the 25. Once I switch to a 45 and a 25 I can't lift the weight. Dumb, right? Love the latest avi, BTW.


Are they in kilograms? a 20kg plate is only 44lbs, and a 10kg, 22lbs.

Bumpers are a slightly larger in diameter, so the bar starts higher off the ground.

Bumpers are wider making it easier to get the weight off the ground.


My gym has lb and kg bumper plates. It's weird, they feel heavier to me. DLing 75 lbs feels super heavy to me for some reason. It sucks. :frowning:


What does the width of the plates have to do with anything?


I think he meant the circumference is wider. That makes a lot of sense to me.

Thanks attydeb!

It was my first time using bumper plates, so I have to ask: Did anyone else drop the bumper plates the first time they used them, just to see?


The higher you can pull the bar without lifting all the weight, the more you can lift. Think hummer tire deadlifts. That is of course if you're weakest from the floor.

But if the plates have a larger diameter, something is wrong either with them or the plates you are comparing them with.


you created the illusion of them being lighter. As I always remember you all: you are your idea, istantaneously :slight_smile:


Please seek help from a mental health professional.