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Weight of a Typical EZ Curl Bar

  Does anyone know how much the average EZ curl (or cambered) bar weighs? I mean the type that are fitted with thick ends for olympic plates.

My workout partner told me they weigh 25 lbs., but they just don't feel that heavy to me.

Any thoughts?


I've always been told that they weigh 15 lbs.


I bought one and on the package it said it weighed 20 lbs.


Put it on a scale.

The one I did that with was 18 lbs, but that can vary with design.


Funny, I just weighed mine at the gym yesterday: 19 lbs. So I assume it was supposed to be 20 lbs at 1 point.


i was under the impression that they were 15 as well


I've weighed 2 different curls bars before an each was 18 lbs


The longer EZ-curl bars that are 52 inches are 25 lbs. The standard 47 inch (I think) EX-curl bars are supposed to be 20 lbs. I bought a cheap one from Dick's and it measured to be 19 lbs (20 with the included collars).


Alright! I will tell my workout partner next time. Thanks for clearing it up, Arnold :slightly_smiling:


The EZ curl bar I bought from Sport Chek weighs 10 pounds...


Simple math.

Derive an equation for the line of the bar. Integrate it to determine the volume. Multiply said volume by the unit weight of the material.

That or weigh it. The choice is yours.


Mine weighs ~10kg with collars