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Weight Lost While Training for Muscle?

So I’m 16 year old teenager. I’m 5,5 feet tall and I have 166lbs ( 26% body fat percentage). Problem is that I should lose some weight, but I don’t want to lose muscles at that period. I live with my parents and I can’t go on special diets because they’re cooking for me. So if anyone has some sort of plan or idea for my situation, I’d really appreciate that. Thanks.

Do you play any sports?

Play a sport. Lift weights – if you’re completely untrained, you can get pretty far just doing bodyweight stuff.

Here are two things you can change in your diet: don’t eat candy, don’t gorge on chips and other snacky food. Don’t drink soda, slurpees, gatorade, energy drinks; don’t drink anything that has calories.


I go to the gym. Nothing else,

Have you considered taking up a sport?

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Thanks for help :slight_smile:

I go to the gym 5 days in a week and beacuse of school I don’t have any time for doing any sport.

Could you go to the gym less?

All of this stuff is optional, and there’s no rule that says you have to play a sport if you don’t want to. I think it would be beneficial for you to do so, but again it is not required.

You will need to improve your diet, one way or another. Start by cutting out junk food like candy, doritos, snack cakes, soda, anything sugary or processed junk carbs. Eat what your parents feed you and don’t snack on garbage.

I’d strongly encourage you to be doing something besides the gym for physical activity. Ride your bike a lot. Play pick-up basketball. Manhunt. Ultimate Frisbee. Skateboard. Hell even Pokemon Go. Whatever gets you up and moving. Is there anything like that in your life right now?

You’re 16. Play hard and have fun buddy. I think getting active and cutting out most of the junk food will go a long way. You can do this by just going to the gym, but I think you’ll have more fun and probably more success if you’re being active doing something fun with friends your age.


I’m going to the gym 5 days a week except sundays and saturdays. I stay there for 1 hour. Mo-chest, tu- back, we- legs, th- shoulders and fr- biceps,triceps… I mean, how could I go to the gym any less?

You could go 2, 3 or 4 days a week, and use the extra time to play sports.

Are you obligated to go to the gym 5 times a week?


High school sure must of changed since I went… I played four sports for my high school and didn’t have any issues with school.

While sports aren’t necessary, I think nearly everyone will agree finding something that you enjoy being active doing, is crucial for long term health.


The idea of losing muscle during a cut is way overblown most of the time, and the people it happens to either have a poor diet or a poor routine. You wont gain strength on a cut that is for sure and those people that say you can are full-retards, the best thing you can do is keep protein intake HIGH and keep lifting heavy while cutting, this is the best proven way to keep muscle, plus slabs of muscle wont just fall off like i said before this statement is vastly overblown.

I have gained strength while losing fat on many occasions.

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This isn’t a 30 year-old bodybuilder prepping for a show, this is an untrained 16 year-old who doesn’t play any sports and is looking to shed fat. Like T3hPwnisher said, his objective is very attainable. I’d be surprised if he didn’t get stronger no matter what he does. He’ll get stronger doing anything physical right now. He’s going through puberty, that’s what happens.

He’s 16 and 166 pounds. No offense intended to the OP, but there are no slabs of muscle to worry about falling off. This is simply a young man who needs to eat less junk food and get active.

@goodguyneven Don’t overthink things or worry about what you can or can’t do right now. Just get active doing something you enjoy. If that’s the gym, fine. Just do something, do it hard, do it often and always try to improve. You can do it bud. Get to work.

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I guess CT is full retard also…

The verbal s*** is strong in the new guy.

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First, like everyone has said, don’t snack on shit food. If you want to have an F1 super car you have to give it high quality fuel, same goes for your body. If you want to look good you have to give it quality food.

You can’t do anything about the parents food, but you can stay away from crappy food outside of that.

Other than that the key is literally to out work your diet. I agree with everyone else yoy need to be active outside of gym time–the most successful people are people who are active in their daily lives, not just the gym. The gym is your biggest tool to succeed sure, but you have 23 other hours in every day that you should make work towards your goal to make it happen faster. walk, bike, hike trails, swim, do outdoors fun stuff. Shit, play disc golf.

regarding your gym time: Skip arms. When speaking specifically of the time spent in the gym and its effect on fat loss and muscle, the goal is to work as much of your body at one time as you can. The more muscles you work the more calories you burn.

Biceps and triceps are small ass muscles compared to your whole back or your legs. You burn far less calories doing a whole day of arms or even shoulders than with legs, or back.

So, split your training into one of the following:

  1. whole body every gym workout (this means going 3-4 times a week, spread out, instead of 5)

  2. upper/lower/off/upper/lower/off/off

  3. upper/lower/off/upper/lower/arms &abs/off

The key to leaning down quickly while im the gym is to do more whole body lifts and lifts involved lots of muscles at the same time, instead of isolation stuff.

Do 50 minutes of compound exercises, and the last 10 minutes of each workout can be isolation stuff.

For added effect start to decrease rest intervals.

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Hell you coud even change to

mon–chest and shoulders



thurs off

fri–back and chest


sunday off

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me too. I guess we’re full retards, eh?

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As have I in the past and am doing now.