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Weight loss!

Hi there!

I’m one week into my weight-loss “Program”.

I run every morning about 8km (about 5 miles).

I weigh about 238lbs now, I want to go down to about 200-209lbs.

My diet consists of low-fat meals, lot’s of water, milk-related products (Yogurt), one bowl of cereal in the morning, more water:), and in the evening, chicken, fish or meat( not a big dish…).

I don’t lift weights alot, I try to lift about 3x a week and after lifting I usually run for 10 mins.

Am I doing anything wrong?
When can I expect noticable diffrance on my body?

Should I use any “fat loss” products like EAS products?


OK that IMO is a perfect “weight loss” program. Muscle weights a LOT more than fat and buddy your setting yourself up to lose a ton.

Now if your looking for fat loss then thats CRAP sorry but true.

first off no you dont need or deserve any supplements yet you need to first educate your self and put that education to action.

Nail a solid diet and EAT FATS!!! Here read up.

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Then your exercise should be based on resistance training and then add the cardio. Lifting etc forces the body to feel it needs the muscle you have (hopefully) and hell if the planets are aligned or your new (you) you can even gain some muscle while losing fat. Also by saving and even building that muscle you Save or increase your metabolism.

Also lifting has a HUGE after training effect. Leaving that metabolic furnace burning for hours/days post exercise.

OK thats enough and I will say a perfect place for you is the Beginners thread that vroom started read it and all the links and come back with any question,

Not bad at all, running is a good way to lose fat especially interval running (fast, then slow) there is a good article here somewhere called the running man.

The guy who won the Australia “Biggest Loser” did really well from running, I think he is running 25km a day now, which is great considering he used to weigh like 137kg+ and was fat since he was 3 years old, now weighs 85kg and lost all that in 10 weeks

If you watched the show, he specifically responded well to running, but it isn’t the best way for everyone, but for some people it is gold.

I guess in some ways it is easy to lose “weight”. Just get lots of exercise and don’t eat enough nutrients to feed your muscles.

However, around here, a lot of us put our thoughts to building and keeping muscle while getting lean to let it show.

So, while I don’t fault you for wanting to thin out, just realize the culture you are in here may not agree with your goals.

I agree with Phill. Be careful about focusing on weight and try to keep as much muscle as you can… it takes a lot of time to build muscles.

Wait a minute Blitz…

8 months ago you said you only weighed 230lbs (I do my research) but now you say you weigh 238??? How did you gain weight when you were trying to diet back then? Apparantly the running isn’t working for you. Stop it all entirely right now. That cardio shit does not work to lose fat when your diet sucks. You cannot out-train a shitty diet.

You say you don’t lift weights much, but then say you do it three times a week. Which is it?

And also- Stop asking about supplements as they will be of no use to you.

I don’t mean to be so harsh to a newbie but back in the day for your first couple posts you were given direction to clean up your diet and you didn’t listen. How are we supposed to help you if you don’t want to be helped?