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Weight Loss

Can anyone help me out alittle. I’m tryn to lose wieght and get toned. I’m 20 yrs old 6’3"tall 270 lbs. I wanna lose all the excess fat can anyone help me out with a work out plan. I have 2 bottles of HOT-ROX -should I take them or wait.

You need to do a search for some diet and work out plans and research one that will fit your goals. There are plenty of resources on here, just use the search engine.

Wait on the HOT-ROX until you are suitably lean for it to give you an edge.

Your workouts don’t matter so much as your cardio options. You should be doing interval training. HIIT, Sprints, etc.

Search the archives for Christian Thibadeau’s “Running Man” article. I would do this type of sprinting routine 3-5x weekly depending on your level of recovery.

Also if you want a fat-burning lifting program, try Meltdown Training or Fat to Fire.

For recovery purposes you should lift and run on the SAME DAYS. Many people don’t get this. Run in the morning and lift in the evening, or vice versa. In this manner you have actual “off days” and the routine is not as taxing on your body and CNS.

As for diet, try T-Dawg 2.0, or if you feel like it, the Velocity Diet.

Cell, RITJared is pointing you down the right track. When you are overweight, you need to get control of your diet and nutrition. This is the most important factor when it comes to losing fat.

I’ll hope you’ll excuse my linking to my own thread, but someone else did so just the other day, so I will too. There are lots of links in there to help you find useful articles on this site…


If I get around to it maybe I’ll add a link to the bottom for the V-Diet… heck, maybe I’ll go do that now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Get yourself a copy of JB’s DVD no-nonsense nutrition as a starting base. It will make everything very very simple for you.

Cell, since you are that big and a beginner to boot, I doubt you be able to handle extremeness of the Velocity diet or the intensity of HIIT or CT’s Running Man. You will burn out way too fast.

Start out slow, gradual. I would use John Berardi’s Don’t Diet diet. Just adjust the calories accordingly. The basics of the diet is to not eat fats and carbs together in the same meal. Either protein and carbs and no fat (P+C) or protein and fat and no carbs (P+F). Have your P+C meals earlier in the day and your P+F meals later in the day. Although you do want to have a P+C meal post workout (surge) so you will have to adjust your meals accordingly on your workout days.

For cardio or energy system work, for starters I would do Lonnie Lowery style, which is AM cardio(first thing in the morning) on an empty stomach (actually use a 1/2 scoop Low-Carb Grow! to stave off any catabolism). I would start out doing 20 min/ 3 days a week. I would use the treadmill at 3.4mph/8.0 degree incline. Every 1-2 weeks I would add 5 min until you reach 40 min. At that time I would cut it back to 30 min and go 4 x a week. Once you get to the second phase you can start increasing the the speed and hight, say 3.5/10.0. I wouldn’t increase higher than 3.5mph but I would raise the incline as high as you can take.

(During this time I would be doing 5x5 training. See Joel Marion’s Ripped, Rugged, Dense article for ideas. Fat to Fire or Meltdown I think would be too much right off the bat for you.)

After about 12 weeks or so on that, depending if you increase 5 min every week or every 2 weeks, thats when you can start taking the HOT-ROX and then switch over to something more extreme like HIIT, Running Man, Meltdown, Fat to Fire, Velocity diet.

Slow and steady, especially for a newbie, always wins the race. If you try to do the velocity diet or even worse the fat fast, and try to do Meltdown, Fat to Fire, and HIIT, you will burn out in 2 weeks! You won’t be able to handle it. Trust me.

Any other questions, please feel free to ask. I will help you as much as I can.

I pretty much agree with all the above. Hold off on the HOT-ROX for now and nail a solid diet and training plan that works for you.

I will also add just one little point. While HOT-ROX is an AWESOME sup., and one I now use from time to time when needed, I feel that a person benefits much greater in leaning out for the first time without the aid of such a powerfull/helpful supplement. It is a huge learning experience, and one that will give you a huge amount of confidence and fullfillment. You learn that you have the ability and knowhow to lean out and defeat bodyfat at anytime without anyone/anythings help but yourself. You gain he knowhow and discipline.

It also stops you from getting in the mindset of many people in getting hooked on thermogenics. That the only way they can get lean is to use such a product.

Then the next time you can add in the HOT-ROX to your allready solid plan, or use it to get to that next level. It will make it that much more successful and easy to lose BF% and retain LBM. You will be amazed and downright HAPPY. But you will also have the experience behind you to know you have the ability in doing so without the aid if needed.

Just my opinion, Good luck in reaching your gaols and Come on back to all of us with any questions you may have to help you attain your goals.

Hope that helps,