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weight loss

Hey everyone I way about 185lbs. and im not all that fat. I was wondering besides diet what kind of cardio I can fit into my workout. Im trying to get ripped while still keeping on my muscle. thx alot

Chris, are you doing any cardio now? Or what have you done previously? What I do is “boxing rounds” on the heavy bag. And what I’m doing now is interval training with the jump rope (like “boxing rounds”). I find that’s what works best for me. Some people find sprinting works.

anything that gets your heart into the target heart zone for 20 min. 3x per week.
Roller balding, bicycling or sex, it’s all the same to your metabolism.

Run 7 or 8 miles every morning on an empty stomach at a 7:00 mile or better and then wait a several hours to eat. Bill Phillips said that this works wonders!

Bill Phillips also says HMB feels like Deca.

I know. My post was a joke, dipshit.

Cardio is a “necessary evil” when getting lean, so why not get it over with quickly? I warm up, then sprint 10 seconds, jog 10 to 20 seconds, then repeat. Do this continuously for 7 or 8 minutes three times a week and you’ll get lean, buddy.

yeah i’d have to agree with patricia’s post. i jump rope a lot. it is really tough. i’m getting pretty good though.
and yeah like the coach said, if you can find a girl to have hot 20-min monkey sex with, hell its a lot more fun than any other type of calorie burning!

I would definitly go with a sprinting session first thing in the morning; quick and effective.

Are you by any chance the same Chris that was in this week’s reader mail?

Try sprinting. It is a short but highly intense cardio wkout. Be careful to not over do it, or you could be puking your guts out on your first go. You may also wnt to give Meltdown training a go.

Bill Phillips also pushed steroids back in the day. He is a moron and a very good scam artist.