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Weight Loss?

I’m almost 19 and in college. I weigh just over a 100 kgs and I’m pretty fat. I want to lose weight and get a better definition. The foot is provided by the cafeteria so I have little choice. This is what they usually have for lunch:
salads, some sort of meat dish, burgers, some sort of desert, rice, some sort of curry,tofu dish, pizza
salads, desert, some sort of meat dish, burger, hot dog, rice, bread sticks

They usually have more more but it varies, but they have these dishes everyday. I get up around 11, so my breakfast is lunch. I workout late night or in the evening. What exercises should I do? At this point I can’t even do a single pull up or can’t do more than 2 push ups. ALso, what should I eat?

Start by reading the stickied threads at the top of this forum.

Then feel free to come back and ask questions.

I did. Two of the articles that relate to me don’t have working links :frowning: