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Weight Loss with weights

Do you think it is possible to get to relatively low levels of body fat without traditional aerobics? What should your diet be geared towards?

You’re new here aren’t you?!

No shit, dude. Quit asking stupid fucking questions and search the archives instead of being so lazy. It’s all there.

Chris, why don’t you start with our FAQ section. Then read the “Aerobics Don’t Work” article in issue 33 in our previous issues section.

I think the question is actually asking is there a different way. Almost all of you swallow T mag philosophy hook line and sinker . . .there is no way but T mags. In doing this you sound exactly like Mentzer.

Evan, I think that the problem is that everyone had gone “hook, line and sinker” over cardio being the only way to cut fat. I for one thank t-mag for a fresh perspective. You certainly don’t have to agree but if you think that the general T-magger can’t decide for themselves you must really have your head up your ass.

Damn, what’s with you guys and the flaring attitudes here now? Someone asks a valid question, gets shot for it, then someone helps back him up a bit and they in turn get cut on for it.
Some people can get ripped without cardio on a sound diet and weight training regimen, some people pretty much NEED cardio to get as lean as they want. Is everyone going to react the same? No. Will what works for you work for the next guy? Maybe, maybe not. What makes a discussion board good is the fact that there can be differences of opinion WITHOUT people throwing a 4th grade hissy fit and calling each other names because they don’t agree with the other’s opinions.

And, I do tend to agree that just because this board belongs to T-Mag/Biotest, there’s a fair share of believing that everything said is law. Everyone has to experiment for themselves to find what works. Just because the T-Mag staff writes an article saying that you’ll have “Great Guns in 12 Weeks” doesn’t mean that you WILL DEFINITELY get them just because of who it is saying that it can work, but if it’s a new training concept, why not try it and see? I don’t know if I’d go so far as saying many people here are Mentzer-esque, but there’s a common unspoken notion that the T-Word is law. Come on, I don’t need to go into one of my extensive rambles about individuality, now do I? I’ll leave it at this, and let me end by copping the lovely quote, “Can’t we all just get along?”


I think it is possible. If your diet is on point and it keeps changing with your body. Keep your workouts intense and use a rep range between 8-12 and occasionally superset, you can use alot of stored body fat.

I have been reading this site for over a year, subscribe to the magazine, and I do not do “aerobics.” However there are more than 1 way to get from point A to point B. The disturbing thing is how angry some people get when they are questioned. Do people have this much anger? Is this the only place they feel they can confront someone so they go nuts? I was only asking for conflicting opinions, thats all. No need to have a stroke.

Chris, fair enough question. I didn’t intend anything negative towards you, I was just a bit annoyed with Evan’s response. The mag is fantastic for new info and ideas, what is really great about the forum is us being able to discuss how these concepts are actually working for us readers out here. For me personally I am naturally very lean and have to avoid using much aerobics if any in order to maintain any mass. So for me less rest between sets as is GBC works great for me (if I want to cut up a bit). But as FlaxOil so kindly puts it, we won’t all get the exact same response. If my opinion happens to coincide with a T-mag idea it’s because it holds true for me in practice not because I haven’t bothered to try it for myself. :slight_smile:

I have been reading T-mag for about 6 months now. Like someone else said, what works for some may not work for others. For me I tried to loose wieght with out cardio. The only thing that I have not tried is German Body Comp
I have not been successfull. What works best for me is if I do 20 mins. of HIIT cardio first thing in the morning before I eat. I have to admit, I lost a ton of weight on B. Phillips BFL. I went from a 42 in. waist to 36. Doing his program got me back in the gym. But like every program it will only work for so long. That is how I found T-mag. The work outs they write about have helped me put on 20 pounds, not all muscle, but I am big in all body parts. What I am tring to say, is it will not hurt to try something new for a month or so and see how it works for you. Bodybuilding is not a science. You have to play with different ideas, find one that works for you and then milk it for what you can and then switch againg.

Flaxoil is right. I need more cario work than others to stay relatively lean. Some folks do not. If your diet is 100% clean, low carbs, no booze etc… then you probably do not need much cardio. If you are a power lifter using low rep / high weights and you want to stay lean, you need more cardio. So many variables to consider. Oh well, time for the gym then Happy Hour!