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Weight Loss With Supplements


Hello everyone, I'm a new poster but I have been lurking here for months now. I must say that this site has a ton of great information. Espically the newbie thread (though it took me 3 days to read it all). Anyways I am a firm believer in Knowledge=Power and thats what I am here for.

So I wanted to hear what you guys have as far as information/experience/thoughts go on ephedrine/asprin/caffiene combination for weight loss.

I'm really interested in using this method for a short peroid of time maybe 4 weeks at the most. I have no idea though where to get these things or how much to use or if its even a safe or good idea. Well thats where you guys come in. Anyone wanna share as much as they can about this method of weight loss?

Edit: Also what do you guys think of HOT-ROX?

Thanks in advance


While ECA isd effetive it wears on you. The stimulant do a Number when used foer long periods and takle time to recover to keep it simple. Idrather save stims for when I need a boost and use HOT-ROX for what its meant for Fat Burning.

Thats my take in a simple quick version

Hope it helps,


I can't be of any help regarding your combo question, except that it's my understanding that if ephedrine is still available, it's in very low doses, I think.

There's a 357 post thread here....


in case you missed it, about HOT-ROX. I think HOT-ROX helps, when used in combination with proper diet, and exercise. I started with 2 per day, the minimum dose, and felt that you could actually undereat quite easily, if you weren't careful. Consider that an endorsement. <:slightly_smiling:

I plan to finish this bottle that way, 2 per day. And probably try some more in the new year, going up to 4 per day.

\|/ 3Toes


Bought HOT-ROX today as well as Stacker2, as of right now I'm taking two of each per day (at the same time) and I'm gonna see how this does. Thanks alot everyone!


Bad idea -- these products shouldn't be combined.

I recommend using one or the other.


yeah, Cy said the same thing so as of today they will no longer be used in conjunction with each other.


I've been using HOT-ROX, 4 a day, and didn't notice much by way of fat burning. I think it did help with hunger pangs and controlling appetite, and that's positive when dieting. I should point out that I was using the normal strength version; next time I'll get the extra-strong formula, as the regular seems too weak for my body.

Regarding ECA stacks, 20 mg of Ephedrine and 200 mg of caffeine was the standard amount in those pills. Most people took that dose twice a day. Personally, I got good results back when it was 100% legal, but now I have a much better grasp of nutrition and how my body responds to carbs I do without the jitters of ECA.

I guess the take-home point is this: base your fat-loss on proper nutrition and exercise; use supplements to polish it off. If your diet and training regime aren't in place, no amount of fat-burners are going to help you.

Good luck!


Your diet and workouts should be the foundation to your house. Supplements are the accessories.If you don't have a good,sound,fat burning nutrition plan you can workout and take all the supplements you want and you're not gonna get good results anyway.That being said,when the nutrition plan is in place,the right supplement('s) can make a difference.


Well I have been training with Phil Harrington for a while now and he has me on an excellent diet so things should turn out well. Thanks everyone!


Not sure if this was aimed at me, but I'll say that the problem is identifying those "right supplement('s)." Nobody wants to spend $40-50 on something that does bugger all, right?