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Weight Loss Training

Hello! I am trying to lose weight and i feel confident that im on track with my diet but not so sure about my work out plan. Now i have lost weight before, this round is from having a baby. BEFORE i did more super sets and also my workouts were more like 3-4 sets at 12 reps and kinda a faster pace to keep my heart rate up and i feel like this time its slower, heavier and high volume. Im not sure if this is ideal for wanting to lose weight.


Hey Sam,

The main goal of weight training during a cut should be to maintain as much muscle as possible. The best way to do that is to give your body a strong signal to keep it, while minimizing cortisol release. This means keeping in heavy-moderately heavy work.

Unless you really, really…really enjoy high reps, I would strongly suggest following a different training program. The one you presented is basically cardio with weights. Something like The Best Damn training program or Athlete Lean, Athlete Strong are top notch options.

@baumbodies are those forums i can search? I dont really really enjoy high reps, i paid for this program for a 8 week cycle and i am done with it about 3 weeks ago and i didn’t see a big difference. In the last 3 weeks i lost more weight trying things on my own that i did, then while i was on this program

@baumbodiesso basically i know how to do my calories and food, etc. But when it comes to what i should be doing in the gym Im kinda lost. I have always tried a trainer and this time around she just seemed to be very busy so i want to try something new

Look up those programs. They’re on t-nation. There’s also many others. Find one that appeals to you and go with that. If you aren’t sure just post the program in here and ask.

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THANK YOU very much for the help!!!

I see you’re ready to change programs - totally fine!
What do you like to do? Do you have performance goals (like a big bench or something)?
Like @baumbodies said, you have some freedom here because your diet will determine the fat loss.

@TrainForPain yes i feel like the one i am on is keeping me at a steady state rather than a results state. What do you mean by performance goals? I feel like my workouts are body building-ish. If that makes sense. I think i get amp’d up when its a pumped work out like i feel when i have accomplished something, short rests and lots of work. With this one i feel like im heavy and very slow.

Like do you want to lift a certain weight or run faster, etc.? These types of gold can give your workout a purpose while you’re still on the way to looking better, if that makes sense.

I think this could go a couple ways. Christian Thibaudeau’s “Best Damn” workouts may fit the bill if it’s the hard work you like, but they’re heavy. Charles Staley’s “EDT” may be your preference if it’s more the short rest you’re looking for. They’re both on this site - check ‘em out and see if one looks fun!