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Weight Loss Tips for Friend?


I have a friend and she wants to tone up, lean out and mostly around the hips. she works out tremendously hard but does not see the results we'd all like to see.

Right now she takes NO supplements except protein powder if you can count that.

So I ask the beautiful ladies to tell me what is the most natural or long term healthy supplement for her to take to help her on her progress. We are thinking Hydrocut and fat burn pills that boost your shit way to much isnt a good long term approach.. She trains hard..

Any advice?

any women out there taking the Biotest, SE7EN supp? thoughts?


What's her diet like? Sadly, there is no magic pill that will hit a targeted area (like the hips). If she's going to lean out, it'll be everywhere. Toning is in the gym, so she's got that covered.

If she wants to lean out, it's all in the kitchen. There isn't a supplement that can make up for shitty food. Or too much food. There are a lot of good articles on here that can help her out. It's just going to take time.


I agree! Going to be in the diet! Try keeping the carb intake at 100 daily.


good tips! i agree, shes doing pretty good on the nutrition. Ill take a closer look though.

Can you recommend any articles you liked.. you know theres a bunch and im trying to get a ladies perspective :wink:

Thank you


I actually like and agree with Nate Miyaki's articles. He has a few on here and they're pretty easy to understand. Here's his latest one.


I'd suggest you take a look at that and some of his other articles. They're pretty straight forward and don't make it too complicated.