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Weight Loss Stalled. What Do I Do?

going into my 3rd week of no weight loss. eat even less?

lift 4x per week 5/3/1
LISS 10 hours per week, walking
averaging 1800 weighed tracked calories per day. MFP diary
4/15/2020 310lbs ---- 9/7/2020 267

Vitamin D3 50,000 iu 1x per week
dim 300mg daily
boron 5mg daily
grape seed extract 500mg daily
vitamin c 250mg daily
zinc chelate 30mg daily
fish oil 1000mg daily
magnesium 500mg daily
indole-3-carbinol 200mg daily
tadalafil 6mg daily
injectible l carnitine 600mg daily
rad 140 30mg daily
testosterone cyp 200mg weekly (.25ml 4x per week IM)
anastrozole .5mg 2x per week

You positive on the calories?

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Yes I weigh and log all food and drink.

What are your macros?
Also how long have you been at 1800 cals

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Been averaging 1800 per day since May.

I would reset, 2200 cals
265 Protein
100 Carbs
82 Fat

Your body might need a bit of a break from dieting so hard.

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Is this ~1.5-2h/day or something else?

At first I didn’t realise this was a link. Seems like sometimes you’re far below the 1800 mark. Why are you doing OMAD but not quite? (looking at the greens powder and mints (?))


all walking, 3-5 miles total, over the course of the day. been walking more than 100 miles per month tracked with map my walk.

I was eating a bag of microwave broccoli most days at dinner. Decided to try greens powder and a capsule of indole-3-carbinol daily instead.

Taking the greens around 6 am after lifting because already taking creatine in the morning started mixing them together.

I prefer to have all the calories in the evening. I can have dinner, then while watching tv if I want yogurt or some popcorn I can because plenty of calories left.

Mints were an impulse buy at a convenience store.

It appears that when you do go over, the primary causes are carbs and fats.

What are you doing that keeps your protein so consistent but such variability with carbs and fats?

eating what my wife made my kids for dinner. ie: bacon cheeseburger, spaghetti, chili, pasta, or at a restaurant

Sounds hard to track those meals and sound like they may be highly variable in calories

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That’s an unenviable position, but I can relate. I’m on a sodium restricted diet, and have a wife and kid.

I’ve had to learn to forgo what is being made sometimes, or just skip all together on some stuff and just make my own.

The flip side is that when I make dinner, everybody eats what I’m making because it fits my criteria and they have no such restriction.

The end result is that I end up cooking for the family a lot more, and for myself anyways more often than not. There has also been a lot of cooperation and flexibility in what we eat as a family, which starts at the grocery store.

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How is your progress going? Kinda curious, i’m in a similar situation.

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I was getting stronger still. My clothes were getting looser. I looked leaner in the mirror. So, I decided to not change anything.

Down to 260lbs. Lost 7 pounds from 9/7/2020 to 10/29/2020.

October PR’s

Bench 315x7, 300x20
Squat 350x11, 280x20
OHP 155x21, 145x25
Deadlift 350x28, 310x41