Weight Loss Stack: Guarana, Aspirin, and Ma Huang

My doc was a bodybuilder in the 80’s when he was goin through med school set me up with this stack. he said it would work great just not to go overboard. he said if I could get the stuff together then he’d set me with the doses, of the record ofcourse.

Does anyone know if this stack would work good or would I be better off getting albuterol or Clenbuterol?


I believe that’s called an ECA stack…pretty well studied and such. Do some research and you’ll find it.

I have been doin some searchin and found some stuff what would that be better or worse then taking a clen/t3 stack?

I’ve been doin some reading up on it, how much better would a clen/t3 stack be?

Why aint my shit posting?

Ya thats just a basic ECA stack but using herbal forms of caffeine(guarana) and ephedra (ma huang). Just do a search for ECA stack, there is tons of info. BTW it is much cheaper to use just pure ephedrine/caffeine then the herbs.

Generally caffeine/ephedrine is taken in a 10:1 ratio and most guys will just go with low dose aspirin in the stack. On that note it is a very effective stack, some say as good if not better then clen but thats purely up to the individual